What Being Social Is All About!

This post is inspired by some of the graduates of my M.F.A. program at Carlow. They detailed what life is like now for a writer and how he/she can appeal to the masses through social media. And guess what? They hit the nail on the head!

Now my idea to start a blog also stemmed from this idea to appeal to potential readers. However, I have found that making myself write every day on a site that people actually care about what I say is empowering. It gives me confidence, inspiration, and the courage to write more each day.

So, when the graduates of the program showed me the following video, I was changed. No longer do I just post on Facebook because I feel the need to say something funny or interesting. I made posts showing who I am, even in my private account. Talking about ideas I cared about and issues that are important for other people to read.

This change in how I view social media is what brings us to the social media revolution. The opportunity for our generation to alter how we communicate and create relationships all over the globe unlimited by boundaries and oceans. It is urgent, now more than ever, to support the revolution with the recent protest of SOPA and PIPA, which could ultimately restrict our freedoms.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present…THE SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION:


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