Back Cover Blurb For a Science Fiction/Fantasy Book

This book idea came about one night in a dream. I woke up with one scene in my mind and immediately wrote it down. Now, several months later I have about 30 pages written and I want to see what people would think. I have had some good reception so far, but I want to know if anyone would buy it. Fans of Resident Evil, Underworld, and post-Apocalypse stories will love this mutation of science fiction and fantasy.

Take a look and tell me whether you would buy a book based on the blurb I’ve created:

In 2037, radiation has transformed human DNA to create blood thirsty monsters that will stop at nothing to satisfy their craving. Diane Connelly, an 18-year-old orphan, fights to find the last of her family’s possessions and reach a secret organization created by her mother to save the human race. Teras Delta is a group of were animals dedicated to the survival of the most important species on the planet, humans.

Diane struggles to accept her birthright and supernatural abilities while traveling the world alone. As she travels the long roads of California, she stumbles upon an unlikely friend and learns how to love the defenseless creatures she is sworn to protect. Will Diane reach Teras Delta alive? Or will the distraction of a new friend drive her down a road she will not return?



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