A Lesson in Argumentation

It has come to my attention that I must once more state my purpose on my personal blog. This is my journey as a writer. If I so choose to address a slightly controversial issue, it is meant to be addressed in a professional or at least intelligent fashion. If you want to argue blindly or troll, go to Yahoo News or some other news site. This is my home. Where I share ideas, memories, and constructive conversations about my craft.

It is not a place to mock the words I have written if you don’t like them. If you don’t like what I have posted, then STOP READING. No one is forcing you to browse through blogs and hate on the things that you don’t agree. My subjects are not open discussions used to promote your own agenda. I am simply stating things from my OPINION, which I last checked isn’t grounds to argue. An opinion comes from someone’s point of view. It is not wrong or right because it is different for every person. While I try to respect everyone’s opinion and keep my thoughts to myself, apparently I am not shown the same courtesy. I am heckled for my opinion on my own blog!

If I open a structured, logical discussion on a subject, feel free to contribute your argument to the mix. However, then you would be asked to follow several guidelines. Four years of an English degree leaves me in constant care about how to analyze and argue a certain point. Time spent in philosophy classes, specifically logic class have left me with undeniable rules that come with arguing and discussion.

It makes you unintelligent and rude when you do any of the following things:

Attack a person instead of their argument

Mocking them with their own words instead of coming up with your own rebuttal

Refuse to understand the meaning behind the post/comment

Disrespect the person’s opinion as being  the same as a tangible argument to rip apart


This post has been written out of need to respect my home for what it is. It is not a place to crap all over because you have nothing else to do. It is a place where we share ideas in a positive environment and support each other’s work. Please think twice before adding negativity because you can disagree with something someone wrote and be cordial.


Thank you to my faithful readers and I hope that you continue to read my journey as a writer.


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3 responses to “A Lesson in Argumentation

  1. Well expressed! And I agree, blogs in general are the wrong place to go around trolling and attacking people. You have a great blog here, I hope you are shown more respect from these people in the future, and that this experience doesn’t put you off blogging in anyway!

    • Even with people who don’t think they are trolling, I have had a predominantly positive experience on here. With advice from my bf, who has plenty of knowledge about online forms of expression and trollers, I have decided to delete the disrespectful people. It facilitates bad behavior to keep it up there. Although, I wanted to show it as a badge of honor. I’m not even published yet and I’m getting bad reviews. Woo, for getting people riled up. I would not have minded some disagreement if they had done so in a constructive manner. It’s a blog, not a forum or debate. While discussion is encouraged, I am simply telling my point of view, not asking for everyone to attack my opinion. By the way, I really don’t enjoy people who cannot respect opinion. While I have no doubt that their opinion to like e-books is valid, the way the attacked me and expressed my opinions bordered on intellectual harassment (not sure if that’s a thing, but it should be) I will be around to like and comment on your blog and give you more fun stuff to read 🙂 Thanks for the support!

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