Beautiful Bookstores

One of the most interesting things about buying books is the places we buy them. As convenient as online shopping is, bookstores can open a whole new world that normal stores just can’t provide.

Browsing the web today, I came across the 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores. It shows a slideshow and short description of each bookstore and the country where you can find it.

It made me think of how little I have spent in bookstores and the hidden treasures they hold. Most of the time I use Amazon, since the bookstores close to me have all closed. I would love to find a bookstore like the ones found in the link above because I would never leave. I’d walk in one day, marvel at the majesty of such a beautiful place housing my favorite things. I’d buy a book or two and go home. Then, the trips would increase. I would go once a week just to see if it was really as amazing as the first time and eventually I’d be going every day.

Because the environment of a book store is unlike anything you could imagine. While most people don’t give it a second thought, a book store is a place holding thousands of years of history, life, and love. All under one roof, no less!  I relish the moments I can go into even a chain book store and just lay my hands on all of the different books. I love to look at the covers, feel the book brand new. And no one in that store, employee or customer, will look at you funny if pick up a book, sit down, and start reading the beginning of it.

Sure, there may be policy about reading a whole book, but how can you know what a book is like without sampling it? So, just as you are sitting down to decide between two books, another person will be doing the same thing in another aisle. I smile knowing I’m not the only one that needs a chair to sit and sample all of the delicious options in the bookstore.

Since most bookstores don’t have places to sit, these unique bookstores provide an intimate element for their customers that brings the love back in to buying books. While I still enjoy buying books online because it’s affordable, nothing compares to the awe and comfort of a familiar, well-stocked bookstore.



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2 responses to “Beautiful Bookstores

  1. Those bookstores look amazing! That’s what bookstores should look like! I’d buy books in bookstores again if they looked like that 😛

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