The Online Book Lovers Community

Besides my blog, I really haven’t done a whole lot of networking online. It’s sad that as much time as I spend online I don’t network enough.  As I was browsing websites last night I came upon several websites of interest for writers or just book lovers in general.

It’s simple. You join the site. Invite your friends from other social sites.  You pick your favorite genres and they give you a list of books with their cover art. Then you can either click if you want to read the book or rate the book if you have read it. It adds to read list and a to-read list. You can then receive recommendations based off those books from the website or your friends. You can share the books you’ve read and suggest them to your friends on the site. I’ve already spend over an hour and only have 50 books on each list.  It’s a free easy way to document books you’ve already read and compile an ultimate wish list for reading. I suggest it to anyone who has a long reading list and wants to share their favorite books with their friends.

It is pretty self-explanatory by the title that it alerts you to new books being published and for sale. It sends you an update via e-mail each week in the genres you enjoy.  I’m so excited to see what my updates introduce me to, especially because I am always in search of new books in the genre I write in.  So, this is the perfect place to find new books all of the time.


Finally, a vital resource for unpublished writers beginning the craft comes from the website for Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. It has a special section related to a blog about scams and other topics for new writers to be aware.  It details everything from  literary agent fees (scams), lists of publishers/literary agents not to query, and other legal advice.  After reading just one section on the site, I have become familiar with the scams of inexperienced literary agents to avoid. It is definitely a place for unpublished and experienced authors to get up-to-date information about the ins and outs of the writing/publishing world.


So, these are my suggestions for book lovers and writers to join unique online communities and receive important information about the craft. Without waiting any longer, go sign up and see how much fun you can have. I know for a fact it will teach you some things and open a whole new world of books to you.

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