Writers: 7 Truths We Deny and Need to Accept

A week ago, I published a post discussing the silly and serious stereotypes of writers. Now as much as I would like to say there is no truth in them, I’m wrong. Most people don’t want to admit they fit in to stereotypes (and some don’t), but there is truth in stereotypes. Just like fiction writers tuck truth into the core of their stories, some stereotypes are the core of a group of people.

I found the following link as I was spreading my social feelers on Twitter. Following Random House on Twitter may seem cliche, but to me, it’s smart. Random House posted this and I dutifully followed finding a connection to my past post.


These 7 truths about writers might seem like silly stereotypes, but in essence they are all true at some point to a writer. It’s important to recognize that writers are sensitive creatures and we aren’t these mysterious, abstract names on the covers of books. We are unique in that we understand the human condition in an intimate way. At the same time, we must separate ourselves from everyone to focus what we know into the best possible version of the story we must tell.

It isn’t merely a struggle to get paid for creative work or writer’ s block. It’s an overall struggle to handle a life alone with your computer (typewriter, paper) and yearning to live the life that you so diligently write about.

People assume that just anyone can write (celebrities, politicians), but you have to train your mind and your heart to be lonely because the stories in your head won’t go down on paper if you aren’t alone to let all the dirty secrets pour out.



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2 responses to “Writers: 7 Truths We Deny and Need to Accept

  1. I loved this! Really incredible insights. Thank you 🙂

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