Childhood Throwback? Yes, please!

This is the world I was brought into and I love it!

My lovely friend from Facebook posted the following link that took me back to the awesome childhood I had. Lucky for me, I was born after the war/peace problems of the 70s, and the crazy days of the 80s. The 90s offered a cool relief for children with the rise of the greatest children’s movies Disney has ever created and toys that will confuse generations to come.

The 90s were like a pool of great cartoons, fun toys, and not a care in the world. With the internet on the cusp of becoming the greatest thing in the world, kids in the 90s cared more about good entertainment than tweeting (just yet). The first item on the 90s list–Boy Meets World. Where else would the girl next door be named Topanga instead of Emily or Jenny? Only in the 90s could the leading lady of one of the best tv shows have the strangest name. It will live forever in hearts to see the weird girl use lipstick to paint a heart on her face in the legendary Mr. Feeney’s class.

I think his wardrobe came from Saved by the Bell


Next on the list is the Tamagotchi, the first experience at virtual pet ownership. This isn’t as difficult to handle for kids these days because they have DS Lights with pet games and Kinect Animals.

The most exciting aspect of the list is one Will Smith. Now we know he is a badass from years of movies, but he became the badass with Men in Black during the 90s. He showed us what he was made of and the public loved it. We still do and when Men in Black III comes out we will continue to love him in a way that our children will never understand.

These cartoons were da BOMB!

The rest of the list, Fern Gully, beanie babies, and Lisa Frank are all part of what made growing up the 90s fun! What we miss is the carefree nature of  living and the lack of paranoia between parents and children.

I watched Sailor Moon, Charmed, and the plethora of Disney movies that entertained me to no end. Pop music reigned supreme and everyone had slap bracelets. It was the funkiest, chillest time to be a kid. Back when tv was actually fun to watch, MTV still had music on it, and your toys still required your imagination.

Instead of playing Mobwars online, we were playing with Nerf guns and Supersoakers. It was a time where kids still loved playing outside more than sitting in front of the computer. Skip it, Slip N Slide, and yo-yos were the norm. What was even more powerful were dolls and action figures. Polly Pockets, Power Rangers, Transformers, and Hungry Hungry Hippos entertained us for ours. Easy Bake Ovens taught girls how to bake and Pokemon/ Magic taught boys how to trade. The world of the 90s where imagination was not stunted by high quality graphics and realistic virtual reality in games.

This the lack of paranoia I'm talking about



I loved the 90s and without knowing the other decades, I say it’s the best for kids to have lived in. Share your favorite part of the 90s!


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2 responses to “Childhood Throwback? Yes, please!

  1. Boy, Amy! You make me feel OLD. I remember all those things you mentioned, but I lived the nineties through the eyes of my children! Glad you had a great childhood because of all those things! I hope my kids remember the nineties as fondly. 🙂

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