Book Published Via Facebook. Wha Wha?

To all my Facebook Fiends, here is your chance to change the (forgive the pun) face of books by putting books on Facebook. Writer Alex Epstein has made a collection of short stories and poems into individual photos to place on Facebook. Within one photo album, Epstein utilized his knowledge of social media to bring in readers.

For regular FB users, this may be the only exposure they have to good writing or any writing at all. It is a chance to show how beneficial social media can be. It’s not just about share minute by minute life updates. In its purest form, social media sites like FB help people share things that are lost in the culture.

It is much easier for people to read a book by flipping through photos constantly updated on their FB wall than to go buy a tangible book. The bibliophile/bookworm in me cringes to say, but not every one can love books like that. So this social experiment gives those potential readers a chance to see a book in a different light.

One of the most interesting aspects of the experiment is the readers’ reactions. Epstein was shocked at the immediate response he received. Similar to the reaction an author receives with a public reading, Epstein could see which parts of the book people enjoyed, what they shared with their friends, and what the readers thought.

It is instant gratification for author and readers alike. Although I have not seen the book, I find his optimism inspiring. If one man can hope to transform the exposure of the book into a social media experience through Facebook, then there is so much more in store for writing. The innovation has only just begun in this digital age, and it isn’t slowing. In fact, I think this will be one of many new ideas for sharing books that defies our previous notions and expectations. I give Epstein credit for his creativity. I hope he finds more inspiration for greater ideas.


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7 responses to “Book Published Via Facebook. Wha Wha?

  1. I just read through the excerpt they had up. That was pretty cool. I’m not sure it would work with longer stories, but micro-stories or poems would fit that medium perfectly.

    • Yeah, I definitely think it would only work with things like flash fiction and poetry. However, it’s the perfect way to inform people about what kind of writing is out there 🙂

  2. I’m actually not too crazy about this kind of medium. It’s creative, I’ll give it that. And I do agree that only short writing would be appropriate.
    But I just don’t like it. Facebook is already such a beasty social outlet that I think publishing on it would make it even harder to ignore.
    To put it another way, imagine if you could order products via a company’s facebook page. No one would ever get off facebook.

    Maybe it would work better as a small promotional thing, but personally I’d like to see authors using mediums that promoted reading on a surface that doesn’t hurt your eyes so much (or maybe my eyes are just that sensitive), instead of increasing society’s already sickening level of reliance on social media.

    • I agree with you one hundred percent on not giving social media more power. The important part about what he did was that he understood who his target audience was. It was the readers who would NEVER read if it weren’t put in front of them in a way they could understand. Much like kids with disabilities, seeing something on a screen is sometimes easier to process in the digital world of today. Although I’m sure this author enjoys books just as much as we do, he understood that he could reach non-readers through a language they could interpret–facebook posts. That’s what I gathered from it, but there is a fear that the dependency on social media sites is going way too far. I am spending less time on facebook, and more time on here because I feel there is better content and discussions. Once the population saturates a particular idea/place, I feel like the quality of the idea/place declines. Let’s hope that his idea gains more readers instead of expecting them to simplify books into photos from now on.

  3. Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing. And, I read that you bought a book from a cool place in Pittsburgh. We’re neighbors, I guess. I knew I liked you for some reason…


  4. What a fascinating concept! I think it would appeal to those younger audiences who are so ‘into’ social media and would never be caught dead reading an actual book. They are also less able to focus on larger pieces at a time, so posting the short stories in this format might be useful to gain an audience.

    I’m not all that sure it’s something I would ever consider, although I do introduce some of my writing through postings of my blog on my Facebook page. Even that is strictly to keep my friends and family informed on my writing escapades, since the blogging has become more prolific than communicating on my FB page.

    Your post has definitely given us something to think about. Thanks!

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