Only 24 Hours in the Day

Well, I’ve finally found a point in my life where I just hate being so busy. Responsibility is probably the hardest thing for a writer. After my first residency, I had the luxury of having all day to write, read, and relax. Although I struggled to manage my time well, I loved having that freedom. Recently, I was lucky enough to land a job in these hard, economic times. It pays well and I don’t have to think a whole lot.  The only downside is that the responsibility creeps in, sucking up my entire day.

Working is one of the most vital aspects of life, especially in this expensive decade. As much as I respect this reality, I wish I didn’t have to waste over 8 hours of my day at a place I can’t write.  I regret that I have not been as attentive to my blog, dear readers. Usually, I can write two or three long posts a day. However, cooking, cleaning, and working consume the domestic side of my day. After a long day of mindless data entry, I come home to be the housewife I dream to be.

My creative urges are stifled most of the time, but they bubble the less I write. The obligation to my school work is constantly on my mind even when I don’t have the energy to write. I force myself regardless of how little time I have to write and read whenever I can. With a looming deadline coming up in a few days, I have around 7 more pages of my short story to write. It is amazing what the anticipation of a deadline can do for the creative process.

Speaking of my short story, “Somewhere” is on Part 3, and is becoming so much more than I could have hoped. Initially, it began as a potential freelance story. The idea was meant to show reflection on one’s regrets in life. Several weeks into the story, the inspiration for the overall came to me rather naturally. One of the classic stories of personal reflection is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

It has been almost a decade since I read the book last, and the reaction was the same. Charles Dicken still amazes me with his ability to create such descriptive dialogue, and thought provoking plots. The story of Scrooge inspired my current story because the characters are somewhat similar. When a person refuses to reflect on their actions, they risk never living a fulfilling life. In this case, the opportunity for redemption is given to Scrooge, so he can change how his life will end up.

For my character (spoiler alert), she isn’t given a good opportunity to change. Rather, she is forced to reflect on her life because she is immediate danger of losing it. The fear of death looms over the story to give a sense of reality. Most of the time, we forget that our lives may end any day. There isn’t much time to change your ways when your last day is so unpredictable.

So, with a few days left to add pages onto my story, I leave my readers with an optimistic approach. Although, I have little time to blog when I get home, I will try to update as often as possible. Hopefully, I will have Part 3 posted at the end of the week.

Happy reading and writing!

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