Edgar Allen Poe Becomes a Movie

Now before you cry fowl, just wait until I’ve explained the idea. With the recent film installment of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, book lovers should be wary of “when classic books turn into movies.” DUN DUN DUUUUNNN!


Ignoring the odd pairing of the website and the article, I was stunned to find out about an action movie showing the end of Edgar Allen Poe’s life, including a serial killer who reenacts murders from Poe’s stories. It becomes a fight for Poe to help the police solve the murders he has created in his own mind. I wish I had written it first!  Not only does it sound like an exciting movie, but I am such a huge fan of Poe that I have to see it. Since it isn’t transforming his original work directly, I feel like the movie has a chance to be amazing.

The plot reminds me of The Dark Half by Stephen King. Author’s written murders end up coming to life and he becomes the prime suspect due to the inside knowledge of the crimes. The thrill of an action movie like this is only enhanced by the fact that John Cusack will be playing Poe. I know some people will comment on how silly Cusack would be as the dark, mysterious author, but I want to give him a chance. He supposedly did well in SK’s 1408, and is not new to the thriller movie.

Overall, I am extremely excited for this literary-themed movie.  Sometimes, Hollywood does come up with mostly original, interesting ideas. I welcome thoughts and expectations on the upcoming movie coming out in late April.

Happy reading, writing, AND watching!

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