You know you’re a bibliophile/bookworm/writer when…

Today, I was at work and about to pull out the book I read during my half hour lunch. When it wasn’t in my purse where I usually keep, I had a panic attack. Yes, a panic attack over a missing book. I searched frantically through my stuff to find it. Why? Well, because books/reading are my life. Books are as vital to me as  eating (not just in the physical way, but a psychological one too).  I almost hyperventilated, afraid of a half an hour without a book to read, and finally found it in one of the drawers in my desk. I found it hilarious that I got so upset over not having a book to read for 30 minutes, and knew I had to write about it. Someone else in the world has to feel the same because some books are just too good not to freak out over.

You know you’re a bibliophile/bookworm/writer when…

You don’t just buy books because it’s something to do. You buy them because they hold the truth of life, death, and everything else as we could know it. It’s the chance to expand your mind and connect to something deep inside you.

Part of your book buying experience includes the smell of the book, old or new it gives the book character. Old for the memories and people it touched, and new for the opportunity you have to give it your memories.

Go ahead, stiff it a little.

You don’t pass it on to a friend like a movie suggestion. You pass on a connection between you and a friend that will most likely bring you together, and that was your goal.

Your book collection is something you show off to other people.

You can’t go a single day without reading a book.

It's a good thing!

You don’t just read a book, you experience it. You laugh at it (out loud), cry and talk to it as you’re reading it.

You’ve read so many books that just thinking of one subject can flood your mind with a collage of the stories you’ve read before.

You get so caught up in a book that it begins coming to life in your mind as if it were playing on a television. Then, when you think back on it, it’s like you’re watching a re-run of your favorite episode.

You can’t stop by books even if you haven’t read the ones you have yet. There are just so many being published you want to own them all.

You read a book and find that a good story can be found anywhere, and you start imagining what parts of everyday life can be turned into a book/short story.

You invest in expensive first editions (unique editions, special covers) because books are worth keeping as a reminder of history, and how far we have come.

You like buying used books because you love finding the footprints (notes/drawings) left by the person who owned it before.

I hope to add more to the list over time and I invite you to add to the list.

You know you’re a bibliophile/bookworm/writer when……………



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6 responses to “You know you’re a bibliophile/bookworm/writer when…

  1. …when you stay up all night just to finish a book because it’s that good, even if you have to wake up before dawn the next day to go to work! (Yes I have done this 😛 ).
    Great post!

  2. Hello, my name is Theresa, and I am indeed a bookworm/wannabe writer.

    Well done on a brilliant post. I can relate to most of what you wrote. We bookworms are a breed of our own, and we need to stick together. 🙂

    • We do need to stick together because people too often pretend to be book worms to seem smart, and the true lovers of books/reading/writing are clearly labeling in these traits I mentioned. 🙂 Thanks for enjoying my post. Hope you check out the rest of my blog and especially the fiction section. I love getting comments. 🙂

  3. Well said! I feel that the love of books is declining, more people need to experience the joy of it!

    • It’s not an experience anymore. There’s always a reason why people are compelled to read. It’s on a best-selling list, it’s for school, for work, for a hobby, for their kids, for information. None of those are terrible reasons to read a book, but they shouldn’t be required to read a book. You should want to read to just…read!

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