Sunny Days Ahead For Me

Again thanks to Wantoncreation, I have been nominated for ANOTHER award!

This is my sunshine!

You are my sunshine award is the perfect explanation for my experience of blogging. At first suggestion, I thought that writing a blog would be tiresome and terrifying. And it is, but I quickly found the rewards of blogging overcame the work involved in creating it.

I am not only proud of my blog as it is today, but I am excited for the improvements I’ve made in myself and my writing. So, on with the rest of the rules. Now that I’ve included the picture for the award and the person that nominated me.  It’s nice because Wantoncreation was nominated by another favorite blog of mine mywithershin. I love the community involved in blogging. The new friends and the companionship.

Next up is the ten people who I’m nominating for bringing sunshine into MY life.











Finally, the best part of the award: Telling people about myself!

10 Questions:

Favourite colour:  Green. The color of life and the color I adore above all else. It’s one of the colors that I will in a dozen shades when I go to Ireland. 😛

Favourite animal:  Also possibly blamed on the Lion King, my favorite animal is the snow leopard. The grace and strength of the snow leopard is undeniable. They have survived under intense pressure from poachers and increased human population in their areas. They are beautiful creatures that deserve all of the recognition for being some of the most amazing big cats in the world.

Favourite number:  13. Why? Because it’s unlucky to everyone else, but me. I love the association with the mystical, and so far it’s been good to me.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Tea. Hot and cold I love it. I have just recently come into the loose tea leaf world, and I am in love. Everything about tea makes me happy. Hot and cozy. Cool and refreshing. I can’t and won’t live without it.

Prefer Facebook or Twitter?  I feel like if I decide, I limit myself to the reaches of the interwebs. I prefer Twitter for my short, sweet ideas as well as gaining a fan base. I use Facebook for conversations and keeping track of people I don’t normally get to see. If I had to pick, it would probably be Twitter because I get so much more information and new people through Twitter.

My passion: I have to agree with Wantoncreation that writing is my passion. In addition, writing is not my only passion. Music has been a saving grace in all of the terrible times in my life. I have turned to singing and listening to music as a way to release all of the bad feelings inside me. Passion is the greatest emotion. It can fuel

Prefer getting or giving presents:  Giving presents. I love finding something that will make another person surprised that I thought of it for them.

Favourite pattern: Stripes. Nothing with animals. I like stripes that are even and symmetrical. Don’t know why, but they work well on me.

Favourite day of the week:  I can’t exactly give a favorite day of the week, but I do like a particular time of day. I love late night and early morning. There is something illuminating about staying up all night and waiting for the sun to rise. It’s like you have the world at your fingertips.

Favourite flower:  Lilies are my favorite. There is something so beautiful about water lilies growing from the tops of the water. It doesn’t matter what species just that it’s a lily.

There you have it! This is my Sunshine award. Thank you for all the support and love. Happy reading/writing!


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6 responses to “Sunny Days Ahead For Me

  1. I agree, the community from blogging is great, isn’t it? 🙂
    Love your answers to the questions too – I also love the Snow Leopard, and I loved watching the episode of Attenborough’s Planet Earth when they were trying to capture the Snow Leopard on film, it was quite amazing.

    • I have already met and became friends with so many people on here, it’s amazing! I love learning so much from everybody else, especially people who love writing as much I do. Snow leopards are so beautiful and powerful, I wish I could have one!

  2. Thanks for sending the sunshine on to me. I think it’s working, because today was warmer than it has been all week sunce the sun finally came out! Well, it’s rather late now, so I will respond to it after I get some sleep. 🙂

  3. Aw, thank you dear 🙂 I have a feeling some of my answers will be the same…

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