Milestone Achieved: I Finished “Somewhere”

All of the excitement of two of my colleagues being published has inspired me not only to give them some promotion on my blog and inspiration to finish my short story, “Somewhere”.

David McCabe’s novel, Without Sin is insightful and brutally honest historical fiction of the deep Southwest. Take a tour through the mind of young prostitutes seeking freedom:—A-Novel.html?soid=1109620549010&aid=15QteE9RHWY

Colin O’ Boyle’s Episode 1: Two Plus Two Equals Five (The Chronicles of Professor Jack Baling) follows Jack Baling on a journey of mad science proportion.

I know both authors personally, and can assure your money will be well spent, and entertainment provided.

Onto more good news, I have finally finished my short story, “Somewhere,” about a young woman who finds herself trapped in her own mind while suffering from a coma. The only way to survive this deadly sleep is for Sophie to live key memories of her past and future to change what may come to pass. It’s a mysterious insight into the world of a woman who must change her ways or stay in this coma forever.

Can she handle the future Fate has predicted for her?

Sounds exciting right? I might have oversold the piece a bit since it still has tons of revisions ahead, but I have high hopes. I finally completed the main story, and have done revisions to 3 out of 4 parts.  After weeks of hard work, I have found that I hate ending stories. It’s not that I can’t end the story. I simply don’t like to do it. I’m afraid that I’m doing it wrong.  I haven’t had a lot of practice with only two completed short stories under my belt, but this is probably the hardest part of writing at the moment.

Contrary to my essay writing, which is easy for me to conclude, I don’t want my story ending to disappoint. If I have done my job at all the ending decides whether my reader gets the overall story or if I leave them wanting too much more in a standalone piece.  It may take some practice, but any advice I could get on the subject would be greatly appreciated!

I am hoping to hear a response back from my mentor tomorrow with revisions and chances to improve. I will post part 3 and maybe part 4 if the outcome is positive. I hope I can nudge my readers to take a look at part 1 and 2 in my fiction section, and then give me some feedback when 3 is added.

Happy reading/writing!


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6 responses to “Milestone Achieved: I Finished “Somewhere”

  1. Congrats on finishing it! I’ve never written an ending, so I think it would be difficult for me as well. Luckily, I don’t think I’ll be writing any endings any time soon… I’m just not ready for it!

    • I think it’s okay for us noobs right now, but it was really intimidating trying to write it for a submission. I’m glad that I am learning a lot from the book assignments to attempt such an odd ending. I just stopped it in the middle of a conversation between two characters. Hopefully it wasn’t too horrendous.

  2. Congrats on finishing “Somewhere”! If you want some feedback, I’d be willing to give it a read. I’m no pro or authority, but the workshop I’m currently in is running slow, I’m itching for material, and I like your blog’s style.

    • Thank you! I would definitely appreciate it! Part 1 and 2 are currently in the Fiction: Read and React section of my blog. You can check those out if you like. Part 3 and 4 revised versions will be put up on here soon 🙂

  3. To finish a story is a great accomplishment. You should be very proud (and excited)! Endings can be hard to conclude.

    I had hoped that the end of my second book would be enough for my readers, but apparently not. I wasn’t planning on writing another story about that character, but wanted to explore a different time period using my character’s daughter’s perspective. My sister-in-law was not happy that I wasn’t going to write a third book with the original character. She kept bugging me about it until I showed her the first few chapters of my work in progress, which seemed to satisfy her curiosity. That doesn’t mean, you have to write to suit everyone’s tastes, because that isn’t going to happen. If you want to leave a little mystery in a stand-alone story, that’s ok. There’s always going to be someone out there that’s dissatisfied. As long as the majority can live with it, you’ve done your job. 🙂

    • Thank you!!! I feel like queen of the world. I got the revisions back and have a lot of work to do, but I think I will be posting a revised copy of part 1,2, and 3 for everyone to read! I’m excited to make a marketable piece!

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