Poetry Month Continued As Requested

Since I received a few encouraging words on my poetry yesterday, I decided to contribute a few more. This first one is a HUGE  emotional response. Like many poets, my poems thrive on heartbreak and forsaken love.

Power Over Me

My hands are tied

Bound to your will

Though I stand firm

For your hand I bow


My heart is chained

To a fence of despair

Ready and waiting

For you to release me


Like a caged animal

I sit here waiting

For my love

To be set free


In your shining eyes

I see the agony

My thoughtless action

Has befallen my beloved


All the worldly treasures

I would hand over

Just for you to

Be in my arms once more


The past fades away

As you take my hand

Reaching for a future


 The next poem takes a mythological spin with my take on Atlas’ myth.

Inspiration According to Atlas

How did Atlas find the strength

To hold the heavens on his back?

When I struggle every day

To carry the earth over me.


The weight crushes my spirit

And grinds my shoulders down.

My feet falter beneath me

As I push my will forward.


In a world where good deeds

Are repaid in friendly malice,

I fall under the pressure of

Judgment from my loved ones.


At the end of the day I find

I’ve made it through the pain,

But one memory still remains

I must do this again tomorrow

Happy reading and writing!


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3 responses to “Poetry Month Continued As Requested

  1. Oh, the power of love and lost love! The longing can be so painful. And poor Atlas. What a burden he must bear! You did a great job with both poems. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • thank you so much everyone! I’ll update more soon. The Atlas one is from his perspective if he was alive today. My poems have always been a fun way of handling my homework…a.k.a. philosophy and Greek mythology class.

  2. I particularly like the Atlas poem – often it does feel exactly like that! 🙂

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