The Doctor Is In!

T.A.R.D.I.S. —Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space

Announcing the longest-running, most-successful science fiction series to hit television and the world by storm–I give you, Doctor Who. In the short time I have been alive, many shows, books, and ideas have captured my undivided attention.  But nothing is more intriguing and adventurous than Doctor Who.

I will leave most of the story telling to Wikipedia for the history of this amazing show, but here is the short version for those who have resisted this renewed love for the Doctor.

Since 1963, the Doctor has traveled through time and space in the T.A.R.D.I.S.   to save various races and events in time.  There have been 11 incarnations of the elusive Time Lord as he takes trips to the destruction of the Earth and planets. The most recent series picked up in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor and the T.A.R.D.I.S. is currently in the able hands of Matt Smith.

The many faces of Doctor Who

The series has created a new army of time-traveling, dalek-fighting fans that have welcomed each new doctor with open arms. I have only started the new series beginning in 2005, but so far, the show has amazed and shocked me. It is no wonder it is one of the most acclaimed shows to come out of Great Britain. Strange alien races defy the audience’s previous notion of outer space, and there is technology that would confound scientists today.

David Tennant as the 10th Doctor

Since I have only experienced two incarnations of the Doctor, what I’m about to say is purely speculation until I have seen every one of them, but the Doctor that is by far the best is….DAVID TENNANT!

The tenth incarnation of the Doctor has the tenacity and energy to thrill every episode. Even more so, David Tennant manages to, in every episode, bring a sense of wonder to the human race that has not been shown so much in the Doctor. It also helps that he has dashing good looks.

The status of science fictions shows these days is depressing. Special effects cost too much, and send the good shows to an early grave (Eureka). Some manage a good run (Fringe), but they never last long.  For Doctor Who, life goes on forever. Reincarnating as a new Doctor for the rest of time, and eternally traveling with new companions.

How many Doctor Who fans are out there? Which Doctor is your favorite and why?

Share the Doctor Who LOVE ❤

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8 responses to “The Doctor Is In!

  1. I’m not a die-hard Doctor Who fan, but my parents and sisters are, as are many of my friends. But I don’t mind it, I’ll happily watch it if it’s on and I do find it quite entertaining and fun to watch. David Tennant is a very talented man, I have to agree. I’d be curious to watch the older series and see what similarities there were 🙂

  2. As an older Whovian, I have one Doctor I place before everyone else, and for a damn good reason.

    My choice, Patrick Troughton, sometimes gets sneers from some of the other fans; they say his stories are a bit outlandish and over the top, that he approached the role in a silly fashion, that his companions were not the best of folks you’d want to spend a trip through time and space with.

    And yet, had it not been for him, the series would not be what it is today, an active phenomenon we still care about.

    The original Doctor, William Hartnell, was in poor health a few years in and hardly able to do much more than short walks during scenes, after which he’d need considerable time to regain a little vigor. This of course was a big problem for the producer, Verity Lambert, who had a star and title character who was soon unable to do the role for much longer, and she needed to recast. But the inherent issues with putting a new actor in a role originated by his predecessor was a daunting challenge.

    And it was 1966; Carnaby Street was dressing Swinging London, the Beatles were laying down the tracks for REVOLVER, and Pink Floyd was playing the launch party for INTERNATIONAL TIMES at the Roundhouse. In such an environment as that, doing something staid and safe just would *not* do!

    Lambert took a big gamble; she had to come up with a good reason why this man we’d seen for three years on the set looked, sounded, dressed, even seemed to think differently, yet was still the same person. And the actor she’d choose for the role had to sell it, and sell it hard.

    Had Troughton failed to make everyone believe in the concept of the regeneration sequence, the show would have disappeared before the Beatles went on to do SERGENT PEPPER. If anyone today were to read about Doctor Who had he failed, it would have been as a passing reference in an article about British TV that also threw in a notice about Adam Adamant and Bernard Quartermass.

    Because of his work, Troughton gave the show many years of life and a chance for it to migrate from entertainment to phenomenon.

    • The Other Watson–I’m not a die hard Whovian like jdanryan stated, but I do love the show. My deep adoration for all things science fiction has led me to this diamond of a show. It’s fantastic to know how the transformation began for the Doctor. It’s nice because David Tennant’s version of the Doctor uses many of the same personality traits as Doctor 5. Eventually, I will watch the older version, but first I have to finish the most current ones first. It is amazing to see what good writing can accomplish over years of hard work, and I hope the show continues. ❤

  3. I’ve enjoyed Dr. Who ever since my hubby & I discovered the old shows on late-night PBS. Of the early doctors, I did like Tom Baker’s portrayal the best, although JD has a point, that if it hadn’t been for Willian Troughton’s convincing character the show would not have survived. In the new series, David Tennant is definitely the best of the three. The last episode of his was very sad. I hope they keep the show alive. It’s always interesting to see where the Doctor will go next. 🙂

    • I don’t want David to go. He is the brightest, most energetic Doctor I know (so far) and he has done such a splendid job. I’m excited to see where they will go next with it 🙂

      • There are rumors that he may come in for a special episode. There’s a tradition of honoring big anniversaries on the series with stories that allow the Doctor’s prior incarnations to exist at the same time for an emergency (“The Three Doctors” for the tenth, “The Five Doctors” for the twenty-fifth) and they had two time-stream crossings at other times (“The Two Doctors” and the Children in Need minisode “Time Crash”) so the odds are pretty good. And if he does, there’s every chance we might see a few other Doctors as well; big hope on seeing Paul McGann to come back and give us a few more details about the Time War, because damnit, he deserved better than he got…

      • I concur. I definitely can’t wait to go back and watch the series from the beginning and find out more about the race of the Time Lords. The writing in this tv show is stupendous. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to pick up where one writer left off and make everything connect. Somehow they manage to create multiple story lines in multiple universes that connect decades later.

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