Conversation From Hell!

If you have read: Haters Gonna Hate With Terrible Arguments. Here is the entire conversation for your reading and ranting pleasure. 🙂 Enjoy and Thoughts are Welcome

Amyoung0606-it’s not about deadlines for my novel—it’s about being in a program and having to submit something to the mentor. And what are deadlines, but motivation to avoid procrastination. If you do not make your craft a disciplined lifestyle and write every day, then your work will be a honed skill, but a hobby. This is my life. If I can’t manage to add a few pages every day, then I’m never going to complete a 150 page manuscript by the end of next year


Man-Wel this is a debate then, first of all there should never be no dead lines in writing, cause a true story should not be rushed by any means. That to me is not writing, that’s journalismfirst of all there should never be no dead lines in writing, cause a true story should not be rushed by any means. That to me is not writing, that’s journalismto me it’s a passion not a skill, so this program is for procrastinating writers. I can understand that. Lol to be honest if writing is your life then that’s the only motivation you truly need. Without writing then you should cease to exist. To me deadlines are exactly what it says, you rush to complete and there is no life in the words so to me its dead-lines.
Amyoung0606-Yeah…that’s not what she means by setting us a deadline. It’s meant to encourage writing as a vital part of our every day routine. Not everything can just come when it comes; passion is the driving force behind the discipline, not in the absence of it. Sometimes, the things in life distract you or deter you from writing; if it’s not something you have disciplined yourself to do every day. The program is supposed to hone our abilities, to make us the best possible writers we can be. Part of that is understanding that the world will always have a deadline–life has a deadline. You have to trick yourself into writing when you don’t think you can or when no inspiration comes to you because that’s how it becomes as natural as breathing. To be clear,wanting in your life isn’t enough motivation to make it an everyday aspect of your life. While some people may think that’s all it takes- Unless you have every day free to just do whatever you want to do—deadlines and making a disciplined effort to write something every single day is what makes it your life. I could aspire to be anything, but if I don’t have anything to show or anything done, it means nothing. The will to succeed doesn’t make you succeed unless you have the skills and discipline to sit and write. If deadlines are rushing to complete something, then what are goals? In essence,a deadline is a goal with a time limit, so you don’t allow yourself to falter and get distracted by the stresses of life. It’s not about rushing if you work on it everyday.


Man-You make writing sound too much like work, instead of something for pleasure. I write to free my mind from the shackles of society and every day routines. if you researched some of the best LITERATURE written and see how long some authors or writers take to complete their work; you will have a different point of view. I worked on a book for 4 years, and now just turned into a script because a company wants to purchase it. In those 4 years the story became its own entity, a living scripture of imagination. Goals to me are obstacles; they blind the mind with deception. A writer dreams about writing, wakes up and writes, goes to sleep and writes. This not something that can be trained into somebody. If you have to tell someone that they should make writing routine then to me there not a writer, it’s just something they choose to do.
Amyoung0606-It is work and pleasure. Sometimes writing is hard.Wait, I lied. Writing is hard most of the time. If I think of it just as pleasure, it’s not going to be my life–it’s going to be a hobby. Literature with a capital L may have taken more time. Some classic literature did need to take more time, but I’m sure that was for reasons that made sense to deter them. They probably still made a disciplined lifestyle to get those books/stories done. However, the publishing/book industry, like everything else works on deadlines. Those writers had to get their work done on time to have their stories published, and it becomes a need for human beings to have something compelling them to complete something. By nature, writers are perfectionists. We will continue to work on something forever unless something stops us. That is what deadlines are there for, and writing can be taught. Anything can be taught. If you have the imagination, then you need the discipline to make it into a story that other people will read. People that write stories for themselves are not always writers. To write only for oneself is to limit a piece of could be fantastic writing to your own devices instead of striving to look outward and see how it effects the world. Some of the best writers in the world have set page, word minimums every day to write, and they will tell you the same. I met the poet laureate of Ireland and many other world-renown authors who belted at the top of their lungs to discipline yourself. It is only when you choose this as a lifetime goal to write more than one book or a best-seller that you must buckle down and set goals for your writing because there is no one else to disappoint but yourself. If you don’t have dreams to achieve then what is the point?


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2 responses to “Conversation From Hell!

  1. Ugh. Writing IS work. He’s making it sound like writing can’t be a passion if it’s something you have to work at, like he’s somehow better for it because he doesn’t push himself to do better. It doesn’t matter if it takes someone four years or four months to write a book – the work is still there. There’s no loss of creativity by setting goals and really, REALLY thinking about your work instead of letting it seep out of you a bit at a time. There’s no learning curve there; that’s being comfortable with your own mediocrity. If that’s where he likes to be, leave him there. Some of us are actually interested in bettering ourselves.

    • This is why I love you! I couldn’t have explained him better if I tried. I don’t even attempt to engage anymore because sometimes it’s just too hard to deal with the haters who didn’t have the courage to have goals for themselves. 🙂 at least we do!!

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