For the Love of Books–Why Doesn’t The World See It?

Now this may seem a little rash, especially considering everyone on the planet may not share my intense love of reading, but why do people cringe when you say you like to read? I mean, honestly, I must have slept in the day that the universe voted in reading as the most un-cool thing a person could do.

bookloveThe horror of hearing people refer to reading as: boring, useless, waste of time, stupid, nerdy (not that it’s a bad thing), and overall an obligation for school only. The ability to read is one of the most fantastic aspects of being a human being, but too many people choose to reject it in favor of being “cool.”

I recently heard a conversation between two people discussing the Harry Potter books. The guy in the conversation commented on how he couldn’t get involved in the movie because he didn’t understand the point. My inner self cringed at the statement because it was so simply incorrect. How can a book designed for 10 year old’s be too difficult to understand the simplified movie version? Ignoring the blatant silliness of him comment, the girl responds that she doesn’t get the movie either. Well, DUH! Read the book first! Alas, I feel like I am simply talking to myself in this regard because these kinds of people don’t read. They don’t have time for it or they have better things to do. What could be more entertaining and enjoyable than escaping into some other life, some other world for a few hours.

Here are a few quotes that explain exactly how I feel about books and why other people should too. It is just simply necessary, so much that once you start reading you shouldn’t want to stop. I bring a book to work every day and read during my lunch because what else do I have better to do to fill the empty moments in time than to open my mind up to the hundreds of possibilities that books have to offer.

room readings booksa

While it may sound a little extreme to call reading a drug–it is! As many book lovers know, it is so easy to get sucked into the world an author created that you almost lose your will to do anything else. You eat, drink, dream about the story. It’s as if a movie is playing continuously in your head until you are done with the book, and then you start a new one and the cycle begins again. Unlike drugs, there is no downside. I wish I could show the non-readers how truly fantastic a story can be in your life when you have become so immersed that your emotions overflow into laughter, tears, and even yelling at the book.

221872719112785668_CS3CrhHr_bNot only do books provide the best entertainment possible because of their limitless possibilities, but they provide a primal need in all of us to escape from the harsh realities of life. Books release you from the obligation of responsibilities, sometimes even providing insight into life’s problems. It provides closure to the heartbroken/grieving, provides a sense of companionship in similar situations, and lastly a sense of wonder in the human condition.

Even more importantly, books are common interest for so many different people that it could potentially be an easy way to find a significant other, but most people find reading an unattractive quality. As it has shown over time, women were not allowed to read and it was frowned upon when they did. It doesn’t make much sense to oppress people’s wish to read, but it seems like we are backtracking into older, less intelligent ways by looking down on those that choose to read in their spare time. Sad, but true.

books love

To me, one of the best dates I have been on in a long time is when my boyfriend and I went out for lunch and he suggested going to the book store afterward. I was thrilled, since he is normally a non-reader. We ended up spending an hour or two in Barnes and Noble browsing the book section and my boyfriend even picked out a book. Although he would rather have me read the book than read it himself, he is open and admires my love of books. Our date concluded with me reading two chapters of his news book on the way home from the store.

I simply have such a irrevocable love for stories and the people who write them that I feel it is my duty to show how truly astounding books can be. It is not just a hobby, part of my job, or entertainment. It is a way of life–a part of your soul, to have the many characters of books influence the way you think about your choices and emotions.

book tattoo

There is a permanent impact that books make on a person’s life similar to the adorable tattoo shown above that is undeniable to any avid bookworm. Books make life exciting, they thrill, teach, amaze, and change people with simple words on a page/screen. I only hope that this age of “reading is dumb or uncool” starts to fade with the introduction of massed produced e-books and e-readers to bring back a much needed revival of the love of book reading.

Happy reading and writing! Just a reminder, book are our friends show them some love and read them!

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8 responses to “For the Love of Books–Why Doesn’t The World See It?

  1. So true! Interestingly though, the older I get, the more I find my friends my age start to read. The ones that don’t read as often blame being too busy for not reading, and at the very least want to read, which is better than harbouring total disdain for the act.
    But it is challenging to teach English to teenagers, and find that three quarters of them don’t read, mostly because it is uncool as you say. I actually find the whole “too cool to read” thing really childish, and while it irks me a little with the teenagers, I can kind of understand it at their age. But I can’t understand it with adults. The few adults I do know who don’t read, coincidentally, are always complaining that they’re bored. And I always want to tell them that “no, you’re not bored. You’re boring. You’re boring because you have no desire to indulge in anything that might require your brain even remotely.”
    All rantiness aside, though, I am finding more and more people who share our love of reading (and writing) as I go through life, and my faith in humanity is being restored little by little. The others will come round one day, I’m sure. 😉

    • It is so true, but I don’t think teenagers have an excuse because every child is instilled with a love of reading when they are young. The question is, how do people lose that love of reading. Is it because we have TV’s and video games to occupy their time or is it because they want people to read it to them and they don’t want to make the effort to do it themselves. Just makes me sad so many people young and old are missing out on thousands of life changing stories.

      • I think that is the problem though – children aren’t instilled with a love of reading when they’re young, not anymore. We have a generation of children where a lot of their parents are these dullards of which you speak, who don’t read because as adults they still think it is uncool or a waste of time, and so if the parents don’t read, the children won’t either. And by the time they start school or even pre-school, they’re already behind the ball and thus become frustrated when they try to read and can’t keep up, and this grows until eventually they dislike reading. That combined with video games and the internet, and it’s very clear why so many teenagers don’t read books. The real question is, how the hell do you stop a trend that is becoming so engrained in society? And preferably not through books that happen to have something to do with a certain amount of shades of a colour *cough*. 😛

      • There is nothing else that I need to add to this comment. It is perfect in every way. Well put my friend. 🙂

  2. Great post, feel exactly the same way!! 😀

  3. I’ve never actually met someone who cringed when I say I like reading.

  4. Wow – a great article about the reading addiction:) I can’t understand how some people don’t read, just like others can’t understand how come I don’t smoke:)

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