Mysterious Interlude

This next interlude was written during workshop this past January, and it actually precedes the first one  I posted in chronological order. I revised the scene to fit in between two chapters. The prompt that began this one was quite exciting. Janice Eidus, our mentor asked us to include animals into our writing and this is what my crazy little mind came up with. Hope you enjoy and as always comments are welcome. 

Happy reading /writing!

The chatter of bones pierced the comfortable silence of an English courtyard on a cool summer evening. Nestled in their velvet pouch, the bleached bones were thrown with force into a decorative wooden pan.

A woman dressed in white robes knelt before the altar constructed hastily on the cobblestone. She had to move quickly because if she spent too much time in the open, then she would be shunned by her conservative neighbors, who would accuse her of witchcraft.

Purple candles flickered as the wind picked up, threatening to extinguish her only light in the darkness. Various woodland animals were sacrificed to build the collection along with her own ancestor’s. A hen bobbed back and forth along one of the paths, and unaware of her impending sacrifice. The woman peered intently at the bones, reading the possibilities that lie ahead. She would give the small white-feathered chicken as an offering to the gatekeeper, for showing her the future.

She brushed the caramel braids behind her back, the warm hue clashing with the cool cinnamon of her skin. Incense and blood muddled the refreshing smell of that afternoon’s rain. The ritual concluded with the ceremonial prayer to her ancestors, which the priestess fervently chanted, pleased with the answers the spirits.


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