Girl Talk and Writerly Advice to Get You Out of Your Computer Chair

With a fun night out comes the arduous and fun task of getting ready, especially for a girl. Last night I had the joy of going to formal for NY co-ed service fraternity dinner, awards and some choice dance moves were seem last night. Although it was an early night for me, I had a complete and total blast. So, I just want to share the insider scoop on how the long process or a girl getting ready for a formal event is worth it when the fun we have afterwards is just as amazing. Oh and I will be telling you…through pictures because I love taking them!


Why worry about what you look like when you can take a million photos of yourself in your old room. See below.



Photo whoring on the internet–guilt as charged, but hey sometimes you need to share the useless photos in your phone!


The dress I wore taken in a classy MySpace style photo! Complete with tutu and feet facing inward.


The finished product turned out better than I had hoped with my Elvis numb and amazing NYX lipstick in Chaos purchased almost solely for the name and link to Greek mythology. And you thought there wouldn’t be interesting writing in this post?


Overall the night was a refreshing way for me to get my head back in the right place for spring and a few more months of my practicum of writing. The above Kiersten was gorgeous and a treat to get to know, I am only posting this particular one because it’s the best one my phone took all night and plus I think photos of photographers in mid photograph are adorable!

Now it is back to the grind for me–two reviews one of Voodoo Season by Jewell Parker Rhodes and the other of one of my favorite books Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. I leave you with this last tip. As writers, we don’t get out enough. Take the time to step away from your writing even if something is due next week and dress yourself up. Take that you time that you keep telling yourself you will do later and DO IT NOW!

Happy reading and writing my loves!


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2 responses to “Girl Talk and Writerly Advice to Get You Out of Your Computer Chair

  1. I agree with the piece of advice, but caution that like all things writers pursue, a little moderation is recommended. For an example of a writer who dressed up to go out a little too often, any good bio of Truman Capote will serve…

    • Haha! I didn’t know that! Yes, moderation is key, but especially if you feel stuck in a certain spot going out…even just for a walk around the neighborhood can be very helpful!

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