Vacation Time: My Guest Post with Denise Drespling

Back in December, I hosted some blogging time for my friend and colleague, Denise Drespling. And it was fantastic! What a relief to publish a post without having to do all of the work.

In return, I offered myself as a guest blogger at the perfect time for Denise. She is a week into her fourth residency of Carlow’s MFA program, and a guest blog post is the perfect way to keep readers engaged without sacrificing time she needs for school.

The post that I’ll link to below is my personal experience with the very same MFA program as well as my beta reading. I have been lucky to beta read several emerging writers in 2013 and I hope for more opportunities in 2014.

Without further adieu, I direct you to Denise Drespling’s bloggiterrium for your reading pleasure.

Oh and I can’t forget. Obligatory kitty picture!
Happy reading and writing!!


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