Welcome to the New and Improved Me

Welcome first-time visitors and  returning minions to my new and vastly improved blog! If this is your first time visiting, let me direct you to the lovely domain name that is now 100% owned by me.  I’ve been operating my blog for the past two years under the free domain name owned by WordPress, but I figured now is the best time to finally commit to a brand that I could build for the rest of my career.

CYMERA_20140427_174638 Here we are at The Spotted Writer.  It took me all night and every facet of my personality until I found the right brand for myself. I’m sure some are asking why I picked spotted as my adjective, and the quick answer is to check out my About page. The long answer is that I’ve found the past year of writing has been unconsciously inspired by my adorable Bengal cat, Nyla, who frequently appears in my posts.

Even though I haven’t yet placed my chubby, leopard-spotted furbaby into one of my stories, she is what drives me to make my mark on the world as she has made on me.  She’s pampered, capricious, extroverted, and exactly like me.

In the past few months I’ve struggled to write more than 100 words a day and sometimes none at all. Since I’ve taken the year off from school to finish my manuscript, it’s more important than ever to write as much as possible. Not good, I tell you. And sadly, my blog has suffered as well.

The makeover, the new domain, the new brand—all of this is my re-commitment to writing. Sure, I could simply make the commitment to myself  without paying for a year’s worth of domain name or the time it took to come up with a new name. I could just improve my willpower by shutting off the internet and write, dammit! Yet, the process and the money spent gives me higher stakes to uphold, which seems to be what my weak self-discipline needs.

So, here I am. No longer a novice and not yet a virtuoso. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on making a brand, committing to your writing, and what you think of my new look!

Don’t forget to check out this amazing video of my partner in crime—Nyla back when we first got her. The video was filmed by my boyfriend,  Steve, who is lucky enough to catch all of this cutness in one video!

Bengal Kitten Playing

Happy reading and writing!






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5 responses to “Welcome to the New and Improved Me

  1. Oooh I like the new look, very cool! I have been thinking about getting my own domain name for a while, too. Maybe I will soon, although right now I’m trying to pour the energy I have leftover from my April writing into reigniting my blog. And maybe, maaaybe even a second blog. Maybe.

    • Such ambition! I say go for it! You have a great following already and it’s not too expensive to own it through WordPress. What is your second blog going to be about?

      • Yeah, I was thinking that, it’s quite cheap really. I’m unsure about my second blog at the moment. I have a few ideas of different creative outlets I want to pursue – one of them involves a second Twitter account and a lot of silliness. I’ve even considered Tumblr but that’s just silly. Between WordPress, Twitter and Instagram I spend far too much time online already…
        I think I’m just feeling very inspired at the moment. Probably because for once I have time to spare, since moving to Sweden. Weird. 😛

      • That sounds like a great use of your time to me! Unless it’s instead of writing. Then it’s not such a good idea. So glad your trip to Sweden went well! What would the second twitter account entail?

      • Yeah, everything is good here. I really need to learn the language etc, but I feel like I’ll be a proper Swede in no time. It feels like this place has been my home for years already.
        The second Twitter account will be something silly, some sort of parody account, but I’m not fully decided on it yet. But I’ll be retweeting it through my main account for a little while until it gets enough steam of its own. Knowing my luck it’ll overtake my normal account hahaha. Oh well, we’ll see…

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