Days 1 of my 10 Day Hair Challenge

My phenomenal, talented writer friend has a blog now. And it’s about #hairspiration from Pintrest. Check her out for easy, straightforward tutorial! ❤ Share the love!


So my very first hairstyle tutorial is called the Tuck and Cover. You only need two things. A headband and Bobby pins.

I also use some hair products but they aren’t exactly necessary if you prefer to go without. This hair style is super quick. It takes about 10 minutes to create the style. As you’ll see throughout my posts I always try to get as much ready as possible the night before. That’s one of the things I love about this hair style it looks great even if you sleep on it.

So that being said, you probably want to pick a headband that not only matches your outfit, but is not likely to poke you in your sleep.

Step 1. Is to wet your hair. I recommend this but you can do it even if your hair is dry. I like to add mouse so that my hair…

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2 responses to “Days 1 of my 10 Day Hair Challenge

  1. Lora

    So the bobby pin thing…I never knew! I am floored. I will correct the errors of my ways first thing tomorrow morning. So excited to have them stay in and blend better. 😃

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