Home Remedies for Constipation

What is Constipation?
Constipation is the problem in digestive tract when one is not having bowels regularly. According to home-remedies-for-you Constipation is – “Constipation refers to the inability to pass stools and could involve straining to empty the bowels or the presence of excessively hard stools, causing discomfort and possibly pain.”

Severity of the problem vary from person to person. For some constipation happens for a day and goes away either by drinking more water or on its own. But in other cases it can be chronic that needs an intervention of a specialist as chronic constipation further leads to many diseases. Constipation produces toxins that are carried with the blood stream to different parts of the body. But this happens in case of chronic constipation.

If you are facing the problem of chronic constipation meaning prolonged constipation, leading to pain and followed by very hard stool then you must visit you doctor. Neglected long term constipation can further lead to complications like piles or hemorrhoids, cancer, high blood pressure, cataract etc.

Constipation Symptoms

  1. Irregular and infrequent elimination of very hard fecal
  2. Foul breath, coated tongue and headache
  3. Insomnia
  4. Discomfort

What can Be Done to Cure Constipation?

Although you can cure constipation with the laxatives in the market but the best approach towards this is curing it through different home remedies because these actually solve it from the root. Also taking laxatives regularly can lead to other problems like lazy colon syndromes in which defecation becomes difficult without artificial  inducer. Even the chronic constipation can also be treated with home remedies for constipation. But you must look for the root cause of the problem that should be addressed and you should follow the said practice regularly without a day’s gap. It would need both diet as well as change in the lifestyle habits. Like if you have more sedentary habits then you will have to be more active and introduce some exercise in your routie.

On the other hand do not worry much about the occasional constipation as it may be because of change in food habit, place, water or other such activity.

Stick to a very simple diet full of unrefined grains, fruits and lots of water. Do  not eat fried, processed, refined and over spicy food even if your taste buds ask you to have it. Eat all the seasonal vegetables and fruits as this is one of the best home remedies for constipation.

Do not be in hurry while eating food. Chew it properly.

Eat less than your hunger. Keep some space in your stomach. Stop eating when you feel that you can eat more. This will give stomach and intestine to relax and digest the food easily.

Keep fast once in a week. In fasting you can eat fruits. This helps a lot to strengthen the digestive system.

But if this condition also keeps recurring then take advice.

Home Remedies for Constipation

Do not try all the home remedies for constipation in just one day. Try one for a week and see the results. If that home remedy does not work then try another one and so on. Also before trying any home remedy for constipation make sure that you have no medical problem in consuming or having that particular thing.

Fruits for Constipation
Mostly all the fruits except for jack fruit and banana cure constipation. Further if we see then out of all these fruits few are more beneficial for curing constipation and can be taken as a home remedy for constipation.
But you will have to consume it daily for at least three to four months for an effective result.

Bael Fruit
Bael fruit is considered too good to cure constipation. It actually does the cleaning and toning of intestine thereby allowing the fecal matter to leave the body.Eat it before dinner in its original form. An average adult can consume about sixty grams of bael fruit in a day.

Eating about ¼ kg of papaya early morning before having anything else really helps  to break the constipation. It is good home remedy for constipation.

Dip figs at night and eat this in the morning. This is also best home remedy for constipation.

Eating guava, pears, grapes, figs, mango and oranges also help in curing the constipation. You can eat these fruits whenever you feel like but make sure to have these in daily diet.

Another natural home remedy for constipation is drinking olive oil and orange. For this take 2 tbsp of olive oil in half cup of pure orange juice. Drink it.

Relief your constipation by drinking carrot juice mixed with spinach juice.

Add lots of roughage in your diet to cure constipation. Roughage aids in digestion and stick to vegetarian diet.

Drink Chamomile tea with lots of sugar to cure constipation.

Eat about ½ small cup of almonds. It is one of great home remedies for constipation.

Drink a glass of hot milk with grapes before going to bed. The next morning drink one glass of orange juice with pulp. Take a walk for about half an hour. You will have a regular and easy bowel.

Having cascara sagrada herb is also beneficial to cure constipation.

More Home Remedies for Constipation

Get up early in the morning. Have a lukewarm to bit warm water and drink it after brushing. If you can drink then try to drink 2-3 glass of water. Start with less and gradually increase you intake. This helps a lot in having regular bowels. This is one of the great home remedies for constipation.

Take half lemon and squeeze it in hot water. Add salt to it and drink it after getting up early in the morning. You should also do small walk after drinking lemon or water as any kind of physical exercise helps a lot to break the constipation.

Drink half cup of cabbage juice daily to cure constipation.

Take walk of 2-3 km after dinner is beneficial. It helps in digestion.

Disclaimer: Information given on this blog is no way substitute for any kind of professional medical prevention. Consult your physician, doctor or health care practitioner before taking any home remedy suggested on this blog. Get yourself diagnosed for any specific medical history and take the advice of your doctor whether the particular home remedy is safe for your or not.