How to make homemade suntan lotion with coffee

The health of the skin is important for it to look shiny, but in addition to wanting to show firmness and softness, we also want to show off a desired and enviable color. The pale or white color of the skin is currently considered a symbol of illness, fatigue, stress … while brown , tan or golden skin is well received in the eyes of all. In addition, a darker skin tone helps to cover imperfections such as spots, stretch marks, among others.

And it is that we are all concerned about our appearance, and this is a great truth, however, in terms of tanning , we not only want to show off a perfect color during the summer beaches . But also to be able to lengthen the desired skin tone for as long as possible of the year. This leads many people to seek certain methods that could cause irreversible damage. If you are looking for a more natural solution, read how to make homemade bronzer with coffee very easy.

Benefits of using homemade bronzer

Believe it or not, there are several benefits of using homemade bronzer for our skin , and I will tell you about some:

  1. Naturalness: It is simple, in most cases, the natural will always be better than the drug. The products that we make ourselves are usually safer than those that we can buy in stores; We prepare it on our own and we are aware of what we have used for its preparation.
  2. Avoid skin cancer: Comparing a bronzer created with your own hands with an artificial tan where we expose our body to a UVA ray booth. The amount of radiation received accumulates and is not eliminated over time, so that each time we undergo this treatment, the risk of suffering skin problems is greater. This is one of the best benefits of using homemade bronzer .
  3. Price: The price of lotions purchased in the store will always be higher than what we would spend on making a homemade bronzer.
  4. Does not stain: Homemade tanning lotions with natural ingredients do not stain our skin. One of the most commonly seen problems with using purchased self tanners is that it can leave scattered orange stains on the body instead of a perfect, even brown tone. Avoid these unpleasant moments and use a homemade and natural bronzer for the health of your skin and aesthetics.