Let your Website Approve New Customers

The trend has changed now, every manual thing has shifted to the automated processes, and it saves time and human efforts. In such a way, the approval or disapproval of new registrations on your website has become easy to do.

When you have a New User Approve, you will not have to bother repeatedly, and it does it automatically. All you need to do is make a whitelist and blacklist for approval and denial of new user registrations.

This blog will discuss this amazing WordPress plugin in detail and help you understand better how it works.

What is a New User Approve Plugin?

It is sort of a control management system that enables the WordPress website owners to let this plugin handle all the approval of new users on your website. It is powerful, time-saving, and easy to manage the system.

This plugin handles many things itself that are listed below:

  • The smart plugin to welcome all new registrations onboard.
  • Registration approval message is popped up on the screen when a user makes a request.
  • Admin gets notified of the new user sign-up request.
  • Admin has the power to approve or deny the request.
  • Users will be notified of the status of whether their request has been approved or denied.
  • Users will get their login credentials on approval of registration.


This new user approve woocommerce plugin is enriched with the utmost incredible features that will take responsibility for your entire website’s new user approval system.


  • Admin can customize the welcome message himself and display it on the website’s registration form.
  • Admin can customize the pending error message himself and send it to the users.
  • Users get an email notification on the status updates.
  • Admin can customize the registration complete message and send it to the users.
  • Admin can customize the denied error message and send it to the users once their request is denied.
  • Admin gets customized emails on each user registration.
  • Users get customized emails whenever their registration gets approved by the website owner.
  • Users get customized emails whenever their registration gets denied by the website owner.
  • Utilize template tags for notifications and emails on the website.
  • Remove the admin panel particularly added for an update of users’ status from the website.
  • Users can utilize the auto-generated invitation codes to enable them to be auto-approved without any consent from the admin side.
  • Admin can whitelist the domain that they want to be approved itself and add the specific domains to the blacklist that they want to deny itself.
  • New User Approve is compatible with the WP-Foro and LearnDash.

How to Install and Configure this plugin?

It is such an easy-peasy plugin to install and configure on your WordPress website. Let’s see how.


  • Download the zip file of the plugin first of all.
  • On your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to the Plugins → Add New.
  • Click on the Choose File button and locate the plugin’s zip file you have downloaded.
  • Click on Install and then Activate it.
  • Now, go to Admin Panel → New User Approve → Approve New Users. You will see three different tabs, which are explained below.
    • Pending Users: those who are not approved either denied.
    • Approved Users: those who are already approved.
    • Denied Users: those who are already denied.
  • Now, navigate to the Admin Panel → New User Approve → Settings. Here, you will see five different tabs, which are explained below.
    • General Settings will allow you to hide dashboard stats, hide the legacy panel, bypass password reset, invitation code enabling, codes manual generation, invitation code setting, email codes, whitelist & blacklist option, etc.
    • Registration Settings will allow you to customize different kinds of messages such as welcome message, registration message, registration complete message, pending error messages, denied error message, etc.
    • Admin Notification Settings will enable you to send notifications to all admins and other admins via email, notify admins of user status updates, customize subjects and notifications, etc.
    • User Notification Settings will allow you to approve notifications, denial messages, denial notification messages, welcome notification messages, user welcome email messages, etc.
    • Help Tab can be utilized for the experts’ guidance in case.

Wrapping Up!

That would be all for the discussion. When you have a New User Approve, your burden automatically decreases. Thanks to this plugin for taking the responsibility of approval and denial of our websites’ new registrations.

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