10 Benefits Of Artificial Turf

10 Benefits Of Artificial Turf

While the past few years may have seen a setback in research funding, it is still possible to gain an understanding of what makes artificial turf beneficial.  This resource can help you decide whether or not installing artificial turf would be the right choice for your landscape.

1. Artificial Turf Looks Real

There are very few who can distinguish between natural grass and synthetic turf, which means that you don’t need to worry about people mistaking your artificial lawn for its natural counterpart. Even if someone did notice the difference, there’s no cause for concern; because of its realistic qualities, many people think artificial turf looks better than real grass!

2. Pet-Friendly

Pet owners will rejoice at this next perk – artificial grass is pet friendly! While there are very few surfaces that can compare with the soft, lush grass of a lawn, synthetic turf is one of them. In fact, many dogs prefer to do their “business” on artificial grass because it provides just as much comfort as real grass.

3. Low Maintenance

While having a beautiful garden requires some work, nobody wants a landscape filled with complications and problems. Landscaping elements such as lawns and hedges require maintenance every year in order to stay healthy, but an artificial surface requires nothing more than occasional cleaning (and ideally would not need this).

4. Looks Great All Year Round

People who live in areas where cold weather can limit or stop natural growth know that many plants simply cannot grow during the winter months. While there are turf grasses that can survive low temperatures, most gardeners aren’t willing to invest in them. However, the great thing about artificial turf is that it requires no special care! If you want to use your yard all year round without worrying about whether or not the ground will be solid enough for gardening or play activities, this is definitely a perk.

5. Does Not Require Watering

As mentioned previously, artificial turf does not need water like natural lawns do; however, you may still benefit from having some type of irrigation system installed near your synthetic lawn. This ensures that people do not track mud into your home every time they come inside and it also keeps the grass looking fresh and green all year round.

6. Conserves Water

With many regions across the United States currently experiencing drought conditions, having an irrigation system for your lawn is no longer just a luxury – it’s something that could benefit your landscape immensely! Not only does artificial turf save you money on water bills (because it doesn’t require watering), but during droughts, it will help conserve what little water is available for use by other plants.

7. Perfect For Areas With Little Or No Sunlight

Artificial turf can be installed in areas with low light levels because there is no need to worry about whether or not the ground beneath requires proper sunlight exposure; however, keep in mind that only certain turf grasses are suited for low levels of sun exposure.

8. Offers Full-Body Workout

Natural lawns require some type of physical activity in order to maintain them, but synthetic turfs don’t! Playgrounds featuring an artificial surface will give children and adults the option to enjoy a good workout without leaving the confines of their own yard.

9. Reduces Pollution And Dust On The Air

It’s no secret that outdoor pollution exists; however, with many people trying to minimize their carbon footprint, this is definitely a perk worth mentioning about synthetic turf. Natural grass absorbs pollutants like oil and gas as well as dust from nearby roadways; such contaminants can be harmful to the environment if they are not properly filtered by plants.

10. Easy To Maintain & Can Last For Decades

If you don’t want to worry about maintaining your lawn on a daily basis, this is yet another perk that will make artificial turf appealing to you. All synthetic turf needs is an occasional cleaning (sweeping up leaves and debris) and perhaps some touch-ups every one or two years; unlike natural grass, it won’t require reseeding or extensive installation costs. A majority of these benefits aim to put the mind at ease; after all, who wants to spend their days worrying about how much it will cost them for weekly yard maintenance? With an artificial lawn, there’s nothing more required than general upkeep; it’s perfect for those of us who are pressed for time.