How to claim a fraudulent card payment in an ecommerce

Currently, fraud rates on the Internet are lower compared to other years, according to a study prepared by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). This is largely due to the verification systems that anyone must perform before making a purchase. However, sometimes it is necessary to claim a card payment , since in addition to entering the card’s data and a password, the improper uses of this type of payment by third parties continue to exist. 
As revealed by the OCU, these cases are mainly caused by using the card data after having obtained it in a fraudulent way. Although the most logical thing would be to think that these deceptions take place as a result of the theft or loss of the card, reality shows that this is not the case. Therefore, when making an online transaction it is always necessary to make sure that the page is completely secure and pay attention to the amount that has been subsequently charged to the bank account. 
Any holder of a credit or debit card has a series of obligations, although they can also exercise their rights. Among the latter is the possibility for the bank to return all the money that has been the subject of fraud. 
As a general rule, when a user denies having made a payment with their card, the bank is in charge of proving that the transaction was carried out correctly or not. In the event of an improper purchase, the cardholder must request the cancellation of the charge as quickly as possible. 

Steps to claim a card payment 

  • Contact the bank as soon as possible from the moment the fraud is known. In the event of a weekend or holiday, all entities offer a telephone number that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to process these incidents. 
  • By claiming a card payment that has not actually been made, it is possible to cancel or block it so that the same setback does not happen again. 
  • It never hurts to report the incident to a police station , especially when it comes to the theft of card data. In addition, in some entities it is necessary to present the complaint as proof to make the return of the stolen charge.
  • If after making the claim at the bank and presenting all the pertinent documents that justify the theft, the bank refuses to cancel the operation and restore the amount, the user can go to the company’s customer service or to the office of customer advocate. 
  • Once two months have elapsed without having received any response or when the solution that the entity proposes does not satisfy the user’s requirements, according to the OCU, an instance can be presented in the Department of Market Conduct and Claims.