What is Orange mobile insurance

It is the most complete option to protect your mobile or tablet against any setback: if it is stolen, your screen breaks or you drop it in the water, we will repair or replace your device at your choice.

Orange mobile insurance is covered by the insurer Chubb European Group SE, Branch in Spain, domiciled at Paseo de la Castellana 141, 6th Floor, 28046 Madrid.

What devices can I insure with Mobile Insurance and when?

With Orange Mobile Insurance you can insure any mobile communications device (smartphones, tablets and smartwatch) that you have purchased through Orange’s commercial network.

You can contract it at the same time you buy your new mobile or tablet, or if you prefer, you can do it during the 30 calendar days after your purchase.

Don’t risk it and hire it now at your usual Orange store, the Mi Orange App or by calling 1470 if you are an individual or 1471 if you are a company.

What does mobile insurance cover?

  1. Accidental damage: a hard hit or the screen breaking
  2. Damage caused by liquids: a fall of your mobile into the water
  3. Robbery or theft
  4. Fraudulent calls: up to € 2,000 for fraudulent use in the event of theft / theft
  5. Warranty extension: any breakdown, from the second year after the end of the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • In addition, Seguro Móvil Orange has worldwide coverage, so that you are protected at any time and place.

How much?

The price of Seguro Móvil Orange varies depending on the range of the insured mobile or tablet. You hire it for an annual period and you pay it monthly on your Orange bill.

In the event of a claim and once accepted by the Insurer, you will have to pay a deductible, which varies depending on the price of the device and the solution to the claim that you choose: terminal repair or replacement.

Band Purchase price (RRP without discounts) Monthly premium with taxes Repair Franchise Replacement Franchise
1 € 0 – € 250 € 4 € 20 € 40
2 € 251 – € 450 € 6 € 30 € 60
3 € 451 – € 750 € 10.50 € 40 € 80
4 € 751 – € 1,100 € 13.50 € 50 € 100
5 € 1,101 – € 1,750 € 15.50 € 60 € 120

How many claims does Mobile Insurance cover me? 

Mobile insurance covers 2 claims per year.

Keep in mind that if you have a Mobile Insurance policy with a registration date before April 1, 2019, Mobile Insurance covers an annual replacement (based on the economic limit of annual coverage). In the event that you have a second claim in the same year and there is not enough capital to make a second replacement, the insurer will make a payment for the amount of the remaining capital.

What solution will I have in case of accidental damage? 

In the event of accidental damage (for example, your screen has been broken or your mobile has fallen into the water and has stopped working), you can choose the solution to the claim (whenever possible), between repairing your mobile or replacement with a new device.

  • The repair solution for your own terminal offers you a lower franchise per claim.
  • The replacement solution offers you a very fast delivery of a device of the same or similar characteristics, in 1 working day (valid for the Peninsula if the claim is accepted before 5:00 p.m., otherwise the delivery would occur in 48 business hours).

You will not have to worry about anything. A courier will go to the address you indicate to pick up your damaged mobile phone and deliver it to you after the repair has been carried out, or if you decide to do so, send you a replacement device of the same or similar characteristics to the insured terminal.

Replacement devices are new terminals, of the highest quality, revised, tested and reconditioned aesthetically, technically and functionally by a team authorized by the manufacturer.

Remember that you must deliver the damaged mobile phone unlocked (pin, unlock pattern, Find My iPhone, etc):

  • No SIM card.
  • No external memory card.
  • Without any kind of accessory.