All companies of any size, activity and sector face, on a day-to-day basis, numerous material and immaterial risk situations that can seriously affect their economic situation , which could lead to their closure or extinction and, even, affect the personal assets of the founders or managers themselves, due to claims from third parties.

To guarantee the tranquility and continuity of any company, it is necessary, with the help of an insurance brokerage specialized in companies , to carry out an exhaustive analysis of all the possible risks that each company faces , and to design its Insurance Program for companies , adapted to the specific needs of each company, and constantly updated to the changes that occur, both in the sector and in the organization itself.

The complete Guide to Types of Insurance for Businesses is detailed below :

Insurance for company assets:

  • Insurance for premises, offices, shops, warehouses, warehouses, facilities …

These insurances for companies, under the numerous types of products that exist, All Risk of Material Damage , Multi-risk , SME , Commerce , etc., insure the buildings themselves ( continent ), as well as the furniture, stocks, electronic equipment, machinery, etc. . that is inside ( content ) of all kinds of risks that may suffer (fire, flood, theft, etc.).

  • Freight transport insurance

This insurance guarantees all possible damages that the goods may suffer during their transport.

It can be contracted by any type of company that participates in the transport and logistics process of the goods (manufacturer, distributor, logistics operator, transport agency, carrier, etc.) and allows to guarantee the exact value of the merchandise or its own legal responsibility of carriers.

  • Insurance for independent vehicles or vehicle fleets

These insurances for circulation companies insure damages to the vehicles themselves , when an accident occurs, and the mandatory civil liability for damages to third parties.

On some occasions, the insurance of the facilities usually includes the clause of vehicles at rest to insure the damages that the insured vehicles may suffer when they are inside these facilities.

  • Cyber ​​risk insurance

This insurance guarantees damages or losses caused by cyber risks produced intentionally or accidentally, internally or externally.

This insurance has a mixed design in which, in addition to insuring the economic losses due to expenses derived from the cyberattack (costs of restoration and cleaning of the affected systems, hiring IT specialists to face the cyberattack, etc.), it also guarantees the possible claims of third parties for any type of non-compliance, due to security failures, data breaches or moral damages on the internet (Civil Liability).

  • Credit and surety insurance

These insurance for companies are, in many occasions, confused. The credit insurance protects the policyholder against the risk of default on commercial transactions credit you have outstanding receivables. On the other hand, through the surety insurance the insurance company is obliged to indemnify the insured, in the event that the policyholder breaches his legal or contractual obligations.