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Ram coach: Defensive Dragonfly Anen Robinson will absent some competitions
In some parties in the new season, Los Angeles ram will not be able to get a first defensive player.

Defensive Dragonfly Avo Robinson (A & # 39; Shawn Robinson) was placed in a non-football injury on Saturday. According to the Sen Mcvay, Saan Mcvay revealed that Robson was absent due to the recent health issues, cheap jerseys from china and his return is still unable to determine. McDene did not disclose Robinson’s specific health reasons, but acknowledged that he might absent the game.

3 years ago“We will look forward to returning at some time in the new season. When is it, I don’t know more,” Macie said. “… This is really not very worried, I am more really funny. We can understand the specific details early. I am really satisfied with this way of dealing with this matter. But this We surprised us. We did not expect to this matter. ”

Robinson is still allowed to stay in the team, which indicates that his health is not infectious. Mike also said the issue quickly after he was reported to the team.

The ram signed a 2-year contract with Robinson this year. He was selected by the Detroit Dioni in 2016 and for them for 4 years. He played 58 games for the lion, cheap nfl jerseys from china including 37 games, a total of 172 cockroaches, including 16 causing the number of damage, and 5 kills.

Robinson was originally a defense of the ram. Today, Sebastian Joseph-Day and Greg Gaines may fill his position.