Ischemic Heart Disease and increasing Death Rate in Ukraine

The death rate in Ukraine has dramatically increased from 9 per 1,000 individuals in 1971 to 15.2 per 1,000 individuals in 2020. Its average growth rate is 1.07% annually. Respiratory and cardiovascular (heart-related) problems have contributed majorly to this. Moreover, diabetes and cancer in Ukraine have also significantly increased due to lifestyle changes and high blood pressure. All in all, smoke and alcohol become the two most highlighted causes of death in Ukraine and other countries of Europe.


Year Death rate Growth rate
2021 15.193 0.000%
2020 15.193 0.010%
2019 15.192 0.010%
2018 15.191 -0.070%
2017 15.201 -0.070%
2016 15.211 -0.070%
2015 15.222 -0.070%
2014 15.232 -0.070%


One of the most prevalent heart problems is ischemic heart disease (also known as coronary artery disease). It ranges from no symptoms at all to severe chest pain and heart attack. In medical words, ischemic heart disease refers to a serious heart condition in which a part of the heart fails to receive the required amount of blood. The word “ischemic” means reduced blood flow. It usually occurs due to the buildup of fatty material (plaque) in the arteries. Plaque comprises fatty substances, waste products, cholesterol, fibrin (clot-making substance), and calcium. This buildup makes your arteries narrow and limits the flow of blood to your heart muscle. When your heart doesn’t receive enough blood, it starts lacking nutrients and oxygen. 


Stroke is also one of the outcomes of ischemic heart disease. It is characterized by sudden numbness of the arms, face, and legs. This majorly affects one side of the body. Some individuals may also experience pain in the chest and heartburn. Such a condition is a product of busy schedules and a health-neglecting attitude.


The mortality rate related to cardiovascular diseases in Ukraine accounts for 440,9 per 100 000 in women and 772,1 per 100 000 in men. This comes out to be 68% of total deaths in the country. 


Ukraine and other countries including Russia are well known for alcohol (vodka) consumption and smoking. These factors have contributed a lot in increasing the risk of heart problems. Moreover, causes like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, being overweight, family history of cardiovascular diseases, and cardiac arrest have led to a greater incidence of ischemic heart disease.