10 Reasons For Using Blackout Blinds

10 Reasons For Using Blackout Blinds

1. Save Energy

Blackout Blinds help to save energy in a number of ways, the most obvious way being that you don’t need to turn your lights on during the day resulting in huge savings on your electricity bill. On average a family of 4 using daylight saving time will save more than $100 per year from turning off their lights during the day.

2. Valuables

In today’s economic climate it is important to protect all financial assets including jewelry and other valuables from prying eyes when going away on holidays or for extended periods of time. Blackout blinds can easily be fitted over windows and glass doors thus ensuring no-one has access to any information about what valuables may be stored at your home.

3. Protect Furniture & Floors

Vision can be obscured by Blackout Blinds making it difficult for people who are unattended to see their way around furniture and other obstacles in a room. This is especially important for small children or elderly adults where falls or injuries can occur through not being able to see what they are doing.

4. Protect the Children

Blackout Blinds are highly beneficial for insulating against both loud noises as well as protecting against dangerous UV rays from entering homes, potentially leading to skin cancer if left unchecked. Children also benefit immensely from blackout blinds ensuring they get maximum rest after school which will lead to better performance at school and reduced behavioral issues becoming apparent later on in life.

5. Protect Against Indoor Pollutants

Blackout Blinds help to eliminate indoor pollutants such as fumes from candles, paints and varnishes that may be commonly used in the home. It is very important for pregnant women and children to avoid these fumes at all costs since they can cause serious health problems if left untreated.

6. Tiredness Management

If you want your young child or baby sleeping through the night without interruption then blackout blinds are a must have product for your home. Blackout blinds will ensure little ones get sufficient rest each day which is so important for their growth and development.

7. Enhanced Sleep Quality

Adults often experience difficulty sleeping during the summer months due to bright sunlight coming into their room in the morning. By fitting blackout blinds you will experience a much better nights sleep as there is no light coming into your room from the outside which can often be stimulating and prevent people from getting sufficient rest.

8. Block Out Outdoor Noise

In many cities throughout Australia traffic noise or noisy neighbors can cause sleep deprivation if not dealt with appropriately. Blackout Blinds help to deaden the effect of any external noise that may be disturbing to you or your family’s peacefulness, enabling everyone to enjoy life without having to worry about noises that might wake them up during the night time hours.

9. Improved Productivity & Concentration

Studies have shown that children who get to sleep early each night are more focused at school and generally perform better than students who do not get enough sleep at night. By fitting blackout blinds you will ensure your little ones achieve their best in school each day by providing them with the rest they need to achieve.

10. Save Money

Over time blackout blinds will help save money on electricity bills due to reduced lighting needed during the day as well as ensuring children are able to sleep through the night without interruption thus reducing sick days taken off school for common childhood illnesses such as colds and flues, making parents happier because children are healthier meaning less money spent on medication or visits to the doctor!


Blackout Blinds come in a wide range of colors and styles that can be customized to suit any outdoor environment including commercial enterprises such as shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and office buildings. The great thing about blackout blinds is that they are highly affordable products that do not need to be professionally installed, just simply order the size you require online or over the phone then install yourself in about 10 minutes depending on the model purchased.

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