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the first post introducing the theme of my blog and a little about myself

Welcome to the New and Improved Me

Welcome first-time visitors and  returning minions to my new and vastly improved blog! If this is your first time visiting, let me direct you to the lovely domain name that is now 100% owned by me.  I’ve been operating my blog for the past two years under the free domain name owned by WordPress, but I figured now is the best time to finally commit to a brand that I could build for the rest of my career.

CYMERA_20140427_174638 Here we are at The Spotted Writer.  It took me all night and every facet of my personality until I found the right brand for myself. I’m sure some are asking why I picked spotted as my adjective, and the quick answer is to check out my About page. The long answer is that I’ve found the past year of writing has been unconsciously inspired by my adorable Bengal cat, Nyla, who frequently appears in my posts.

Even though I haven’t yet placed my chubby, leopard-spotted furbaby into one of my stories, she is what drives me to make my mark on the world as she has made on me.  She’s pampered, capricious, extroverted, and exactly like me.

In the past few months I’ve struggled to write more than 100 words a day and sometimes none at all. Since I’ve taken the year off from school to finish my manuscript, it’s more important than ever to write as much as possible. Not good, I tell you. And sadly, my blog has suffered as well.

The makeover, the new domain, the new brand—all of this is my re-commitment to writing. Sure, I could simply make the commitment to myself  without paying for a year’s worth of domain name or the time it took to come up with a new name. I could just improve my willpower by shutting off the internet and write, dammit! Yet, the process and the money spent gives me higher stakes to uphold, which seems to be what my weak self-discipline needs.

So, here I am. No longer a novice and not yet a virtuoso. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on making a brand, committing to your writing, and what you think of my new look!

Don’t forget to check out this amazing video of my partner in crime—Nyla back when we first got her. The video was filmed by my boyfriend,  Steve, who is lucky enough to catch all of this cutness in one video!

Bengal Kitten Playing

Happy reading and writing!






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Welcome to the Digital Age, Reader!

In a time where the internet is the main resource for finding and sharing information, the role of a writer has changed. To those in the writing community, it is a struggle to surpass all previous views on teaching, reading, and writing.  The technological advancements spurred by the creation of the internet in the 1970s have become the center of all developed societies.

The reality we all have to accept is that it is never going away. Ipads, smartphones, and e-readers are the competition of those we call purists. Purists believe that no technology can replace the experience of the print medium. It isn’t just the change from paper to screen. It is a loss of appreciation for the way we read. Authors and readers alike must cope with society’s love of technology.

In America, those who treasure the written word are faced with a question. How will we survive if everyone else forgets how we got here? Because with every new advancement in technology, consumers become more dependent on their devices and forget the simple living of just a few decades ago.

So now I pose this problem to you, reader. How have you been coping with the advancement of technology? Does it make your life easier and more convenient? Or do you struggle to hold on to the rich history of the written word in your life when faced with the possibility of its extinction?


I will leave with an often used quote by Norbert Platt, “The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium.”


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