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Reader’s Appreciation Award: The Literary Tears are Flowing

Although The Other Watson has been one of my followers to always nominate me for an award, I am truly honored to be appreciated for reading. This is a monumental award for me because I love reading so much. He was one of the first blogs I followed when I created this blog, and has continued to captivate my attention months later (which is not easy to do in this attention deficit world).

His usual post will incite a bundle of questions regarding your own writing style and what books you love to read, in addition to proving you with endless suggestions for future reading. Now if you’re like me  (living in the U.S. and haven’t traveled much) finding friends across the globe is one of the perks of blogging, and The Other Watson is my first British/Aussi friend. The culture he places in his posts is subtle enough that you can learn from him the differences from here in the U.S. and it is delightful. He has a sweet way of discussing books and writing like they are his children, and he never gets boring. So, please check him out when you have the time. It is definitely worth the trip because he keeps me coming back for good posts and great conversations.

Now, onto business. He has nominated me for the Reader’s Appreciate Award, which I gladly accept and now move on to the requirements of the award. First, the picture…

Next, as designated by my nominator, I should tell you what I have been doing. In the last week or two, I have been preparing for my glorious study abroad trip to Dublin, Ireland. I have been working for weeks to compile list upon list of the things I will need on the trip. It seems one week away is too much for me to handle because the excitement is nearly bursting through me. As I prepare for my trip, I recently had my hair dyed. New aspect of life=new hair. I have always felt that a fresh hair cut and a new color are two great ways to start off a journey. So, here is the color:

New color for a great new adventure

Finally, I have been revising the beginning of my novel in preparation for the new semester. The story is set in London, and it features a young teen who is coping . She has just moved from Philadelphia to Lewisham, and comes across an unlikely friend in this scary, new place. Little did she know that the new friend would turn her into something she never thought existed. It’s difficult to tell what I’m writing since I have never been to London or even in a different country, so hopefully my trip to Ireland will help create an authentic trip for my character.

Onto the next part of the award I am giving the award to 6 of my best followers who always manage to find the time to read and comment on my newest posts. Although I appreciate every single reader for that each day of the week 🙂

Mywithershins -who gives me reassurance and constant feedback on my posts and ideas.

John -who combats every comment with insightful information I didn’t know to add to my post.

katkasia -who never fails to add fun, relevant comments to my page.

Maeve Murray -my writing sister and fellow student in Carlow’s MFA program. She is a mutual reader of my page as I am of hers. 🙂

Rustic Recluse -who is a new follower with kind, detailed comments to my most recent posts. Check out his page!

And of course, The other Watson -who gives me awards and dozens of comments responding to the silly questions at the end of every post.

Check out these mentioned pages because they have the quality and energy worth taking a few minutes to read. Speaking of reading, what is everyone else reading at the moment?


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An Adventure of Discovery in a New Town

Here starts my adventure in Mcdonald, PA. As I have only lived here for one day, I haven’t seen much. On my quest to get my apartment keys copied I encountered the wonders of a new place. Let me set the scene for you.

Out in the sunny winter afternoon, the snow and ice made little rivers in the road. I stomp in the slush as I passed two pizza places. Turning the corner, I delight in finding a post office only a minute away from my apartment. What a momentous discovery. Before beginning my adventure, I had spent several minutes scoping Google maps to see where the hardware store and other businesses were located. I didn’t see this on there.

The excitement continues as I make my way to the Mcdonald complex, which houses a liquor store, pharmacy, dollar store, and a bank. Across the street there is a medium size building with paper letters in the window spelling library. Making a mental note to check the library later, I walk into a regular dollar store. Picking up the item (hair brush) I was searching for, I wait in line to pay. Once done with the first errand, I encounter my first conundrum.

Google maps said that the hardware store was across the street from the dollar store, but the library is there instead.  The aha moment came when I realize there must be another dollar store down the street that Google maps indicated.    I switch directions and head for the main road (S Mcdonald) and proceed to walk further down and see a Family Dollar. AHA! I quicken my pace confident that the hardware store is near. I maneuver around big puddles of water and stop at the sign directing me down a long muddy alley to the store.

Hesitant at first, I walk around the corner to see if there is another entrance. None.  As I muster up the courage, I begin walking on what looks like old train tracks. To my left I see large cargo crates with bails of stray and other out of place items. Finally, I get to a darkened ramp that leads to a door. I enter to find a sweet elderly woman leaving and an older gentleman behind the counter.

I ask some questions and he starts chatting with me as if we have met before. I tell him I just moved here from Johnstown, PA and the friendship is made. He knew some people from my hometown and begins telling a story of when he played in a band. He plays guitar still and we shared stories about the lack of care going into rock music nowadays. I talk about my past as a singer (nothing much to tell) and he responds with an invitation to “jam some time”.

As he finishes my order, he tells me to come to him if I have any problems and that he will take care of it because I’m a nice young lady. He gives me a discount on the copied keys since I’m new.  I leave knowing one new person in the town and that there is a sense of belonging still left in small towns. I smile as I walk back to my apartment.  My adventure ended finding a new friend and renewed faith that small town gives newcomers a warm welcome and encouragement to stay and become a regular.



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