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Special Announcement from the World’s Perfect Men

You. Yes, I’m talking to you. You should be writing. No, not your homework. Nay, do transcribe that email. Ne’ermore shall you pen your manuscript due in July.

Instead,2bd2349e705ab50331e6705591b6b2ca I must ask you to wordsmith something bigger, something more important. I must ask you to write something fun like a writing prompt (which is listed below)!

Look here: February Writing Prompt

f4b1a5222eab454665b088d34b490600In this great big world with all of our texts and emails and snail mail and assignments, you should be having fun with your words. I promise the time you spend on a prompt is small in comparison to the struggle to start that research paper or answering some responsibility-enducing emails. Not that I’m suggesting you procrastinate.
I’m suggesting you use this creative outlet to prepare. What better way to find an inventive introduction to a science research paper than to write about how a character gains superpowers during their summer vacation from a chemical spill? No other way to begin in my book.

664d504242f676f28f957bba258ea522Or how about you prepare to pay bills by writing about a garage sale where you can buy unbreakable courage or x-ray vision? Sounds like you’d really remember the importance of money while writing that.
For whatever reason, set aside some time and take a risk. Try something new. Try writing from a prompt. And if nothing else, at least you’ll have done something fun!

Check out the official post again here and if you have questions I’m always available!

Side note: The reason why the three men above were chosen is because I, and many others, have confirmed that they are perfection. Not in a creepy omg you must be mine you are perfect. Perfect in terms of great role models and wondrous beings to watch perform and live. If there was any need to appoint representatives of the human race say in terms of meeting another alien race formally– these men would aptly and flawlessly represent us as a species. All of the below qualities can be applied to each man and highlights the benefit of having them represent us.

Enthusiastic and deeply dedicated to their work and loved ones.

Artistically and passionately superior in their field (acting).

Jawlines-Seriously, you can’t disagree.

Wonderfully goofy and creative on and off camera.

Phenomenal dancers.

Voices of gods-all are equally talented in vocals, which I might add is not their field of choice. Just gifted with that much talent it oozes out of their pores.

Perfectly coiffed/tousled hair.

Grins that make you weak in the knees.

Overall, stunningly generous and kind human beings to their fans and strangers.

Basically….perfection. And each one represents their country of origin. England, Scotland, and US.

So. Yeah. They’re amazing. But so are you.
Happy Reading and writing my darlings!

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The Doctor Is In!

T.A.R.D.I.S. —Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space

Announcing the longest-running, most-successful science fiction series to hit television and the world by storm–I give you, Doctor Who. In the short time I have been alive, many shows, books, and ideas have captured my undivided attention.  But nothing is more intriguing and adventurous than Doctor Who.

I will leave most of the story telling to Wikipedia for the history of this amazing show, but here is the short version for those who have resisted this renewed love for the Doctor.

Since 1963, the Doctor has traveled through time and space in the T.A.R.D.I.S.   to save various races and events in time.  There have been 11 incarnations of the elusive Time Lord as he takes trips to the destruction of the Earth and planets. The most recent series picked up in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor and the T.A.R.D.I.S. is currently in the able hands of Matt Smith.

The many faces of Doctor Who

The series has created a new army of time-traveling, dalek-fighting fans that have welcomed each new doctor with open arms. I have only started the new series beginning in 2005, but so far, the show has amazed and shocked me. It is no wonder it is one of the most acclaimed shows to come out of Great Britain. Strange alien races defy the audience’s previous notion of outer space, and there is technology that would confound scientists today.

David Tennant as the 10th Doctor

Since I have only experienced two incarnations of the Doctor, what I’m about to say is purely speculation until I have seen every one of them, but the Doctor that is by far the best is….DAVID TENNANT!

The tenth incarnation of the Doctor has the tenacity and energy to thrill every episode. Even more so, David Tennant manages to, in every episode, bring a sense of wonder to the human race that has not been shown so much in the Doctor. It also helps that he has dashing good looks.

The status of science fictions shows these days is depressing. Special effects cost too much, and send the good shows to an early grave (Eureka). Some manage a good run (Fringe), but they never last long.  For Doctor Who, life goes on forever. Reincarnating as a new Doctor for the rest of time, and eternally traveling with new companions.

How many Doctor Who fans are out there? Which Doctor is your favorite and why?

Share the Doctor Who LOVE ❤

Happy reading/writing!


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