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Not So Trivial Pursuit of the Perfect Book: Financial Edition

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post. Be warned if you do not wish to read about this particular topic, you can jump to a post about an adorable kitten instead:

My Bengal Nightmare

As a grad student and unpublished writer, there are daily sacrifices of my writing that must be made for the sake of financial stability. I know that every writer understand the instability of income that our paths sometimes lead us, especially if you are unpublished. Although no career is every easy, we artists have a rough time getting consistent income from our art.  So, it makes sense that we would have to take jobs that don’t include writing what we want.

168edb3a938132640b9d89268eb7da90But what if I could make money at flexible hours at a job that encompasses my creative talents with a passion I’ve held for many years. Yes, dear friends and followers, someone is going to pay me to sell makeup.

Over the past month, I have joined the ranks of a rapidly-growing, online line of cosmetics that will rock your world: the naturally-based cosmetics line of Younique.

Now I know what you’re going to say, “But Amanda, how do you have time to write and read if you have two jobs consuming your time on top of all of your adult responsibilities?”

d8809f2f3f86bbb7724765b7e7e30c06Easy, it’s 100% online. Younique makes it the simplest way possible to build your own business from home. From single moms or stay at home parents to  full-time workers—anyone can sign up with a start up fee of $99 and begin selling this product from the comfort of your home.

You don’t have to buy stock in advance or at all if you don’t want. All you need is access to the internet and a device for people to order.


Let me give you a brief overview of the most popular products:

3D Magic Mascara-All the volume and glory of false lashes in mascara form. No glue, no wasted materials, and made with all-natural green tea fibers. It takes your lashes from ordinary to red carpet quality.


Moodstruck Mineral Eye Pigments-Loose pigment that takes only a small amount to get a big pay-off. As an obsessive eyeshadow collector, this product in tandem with the Glorious eye and face primer (also really fantastic) lasts all day long. Compared to less expensive products (my E.L.F. palette) and more expensive products (my Urban Decay shadowbox palette), I’ve packed all my other makeups away to make room for my Moodstruck pigments! I’ll also mention the blushers, which are highly-pigmented and so versatile. They can be used on your cheeks, eyes, and mixed with the Younique lip gloss on your lips too!

This is the Younique starter kit, which includes 32 eye pigments, 5 blushers, six concealers, 3D Mascara and 3 top-quality brushes.

This is the Younique starter kit, which includes 32 eye pigments, 5 blushers, six concealers, 3D Mascara and 3 top-quality brushes.

The BB cream in Bisque and Lucrative Lip Gloss in Luxe

The BB cream in Bisque and Lucrative Lip Gloss in Luxe

Flawless BB Cream-Gluten-free, vegan product that gives you a photo ready look in minutes. I love love love the way my face feels with this beauty balm, and I only need concealer to touch up blemishes. It’s worth every penny!

Lucrative Lip gloss-Other than the 3D mascara, the lip gloss is my absolute favorite product! Gluten-free lip gloss  makes all the difference for those who have celiac/gluten sensitivity. Personally, I love the great color that comes from the gloss and it’s super creamy. I can’t wait to own them all!



The idea is great, the products are phenomenal, but I am not sales material. Even with the ease of online accessibility, I am floundering under pages and pages of unwritten ideas. Younique has grown at such a quick rate (over $2 million) in the first few years of  business, but it does take a fair amount of concentration and networking.

To put it plain and simple—it takes a little time. Too much time for this speckled scribe. This post is to promote my final online party, so that my lovely minions and other visitors can at least be exposed to some of the best mineral, naturally-based products on the market.


793874_10152444292541804_1765234999160967237_oFeel free to browse my website below and ask me about the products. I’ll be selling for the next week or two.

Farwell Online Party

Ultimately, my business endeavor must be placed on the back burner to my school work and manuscript progress. As much as it pains me to leave this fabulous opportunity behind for the time being, I still support this uplifting and empowering business for women to sell great products and take control of their finances. Plus the fact that these products are cruelty-free, most are gluten-free and mineral really make a difference.

On the positive side, it has really put into perspective how much  time management I need to give to my writing. It accompanies my re-commitment for me to clear my schedule and leave only room for writing.


If you’re interested in signing up to sell Younique, checking out some new cosmetics, or just wondering what all the hubbub is about—comment below or check out my website.

Happy reading and writing!

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Girl Talk and Writerly Advice to Get You Out of Your Computer Chair

With a fun night out comes the arduous and fun task of getting ready, especially for a girl. Last night I had the joy of going to formal for NY co-ed service fraternity dinner, awards and some choice dance moves were seem last night. Although it was an early night for me, I had a complete and total blast. So, I just want to share the insider scoop on how the long process or a girl getting ready for a formal event is worth it when the fun we have afterwards is just as amazing. Oh and I will be telling you…through pictures because I love taking them!


Why worry about what you look like when you can take a million photos of yourself in your old room. See below.



Photo whoring on the internet–guilt as charged, but hey sometimes you need to share the useless photos in your phone!


The dress I wore taken in a classy MySpace style photo! Complete with tutu and feet facing inward.


The finished product turned out better than I had hoped with my Elvis numb and amazing NYX lipstick in Chaos purchased almost solely for the name and link to Greek mythology. And you thought there wouldn’t be interesting writing in this post?


Overall the night was a refreshing way for me to get my head back in the right place for spring and a few more months of my practicum of writing. The above Kiersten was gorgeous and a treat to get to know, I am only posting this particular one because it’s the best one my phone took all night and plus I think photos of photographers in mid photograph are adorable!

Now it is back to the grind for me–two reviews one of Voodoo Season by Jewell Parker Rhodes and the other of one of my favorite books Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. I leave you with this last tip. As writers, we don’t get out enough. Take the time to step away from your writing even if something is due next week and dress yourself up. Take that you time that you keep telling yourself you will do later and DO IT NOW!

Happy reading and writing my loves!


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I’m So Honored

I’ve won an award! I don’t have a trophy or certificate, but it sure does boost your confidence to know someone finds your blog worth something. The Kreativ Blogger and Versatile Blogger Award is nominated from your fellow bloggers for being one or both of these things. An ability for a blogger to interest his/her readers constantly with fun, new subjects is a difficult task. So, when Wantoncreation nominated me, I was thrilled to find out what to do next. The rules are simple: you nominate blogs you find fall under these two categories and the blogger must give you ten random facts about him/herself. Seems like an easy award, right?

Here are my ten random facts about me 🙂

1) I hit my head pretty much every single day- No matter how safe I am or what I’m doing I will always hit my head. It’s inevitable. Most of my friends think I should have a helmet just to protect myself from….myself!

2) I snort REALLY LOUD when I laugh-Some people may cackle, wheeze, or chuckle. I snort, a lot. It may seem embarrassing to most people, but I enjoy my snorting. It has allowed other to enjoy my laughter even more than the joke that started it all. Plus, if I can be the comedic relief it makes me feel better.


3) I’m addicted to Ramen noodles-As a college staple, you would think I would be sick of it by now. But I LOVE IT! Chicken, mostly, but I’m not picky when it comes to my cravings. Although I know that it’s not same as you would find in its country of origin, it’s my comfort food. It may be bad for me when I could make food that tastes so much better, but nothing beats a bowl of roast chicken ramen noodles.

4) I broke my leg/ankle for the first time–snow tubing-Yes, I broke my leg snow tubing. For those of you who don’t have snow on a regular basis, you ride a giant rubber donut (inner tube) down the snowy slopes. Instead of riding the lazy river in one of these, I went with a bunch of friends to ride on the snow.  Well, I was with a bunch of boys and they were running and jumping as they slid down the hill. Being the big lady in town, I thought I could do the same. I couldn’t. I proceeded to run, and when I jumped on the inner tube it bounced back!

I flew in the air doing a somersault, landing first on my head, and flailing like a ragdoll until I finally rested on the ground. Straight out of America’s Funniest Home Videos, my friends laughed hysterically.  I laid on the cold ground writhing in pain as my lovely “friends” made jokes. They said that my makeup made a face print in the snow and that they should have recorded it. As I attempted to stand, I tried to laugh.  They became serious when I told them I couldn’t stand, claiming they heard a loud crack and thought I had broken my neck. The following evening was full of fear and regret. I thought that it was just a sprain, walking on it for some of the night. The next day (Christmas Eve Day 2010) I found that I had not only broken my leg, but I broke off a piece of my ankle. I was lucky, though. I didn’t need surgery and managed to heal on my own. It became a legendary story for me to tell people I just met or old friends.

5) I have a lifetime goal to read (attempt to read) every work Stephen King has written-Ever since high school, I have found solace in the writing of Stephen King. Like most authors, he has struggled to make money from his writing. More importantly, he understands that writing is a way of life and if you have the gift you cannot ignore it. I was taken by his grasp of human fears and realities. He has captivated me ever since. I am determined to taste every single piece of writing he has to offer. Although I haven’t enjoyed everything (Bag of Bones) I will give every single story a shot because I have so much admiration for the man and the writer.

6) Writing is my passion, but singing is my hobby-I love to sing. Music is the way to my soul. It is different from writing because it takes the words to a whole new level. I’m not particular about the genre as long as it’s genuine. I have a special place in my heart for show tunes and musicals. The quality of the lyrics and the music is so enchanting I sing everywhere! In the shower, in the car, and even if someone else is listening to something. I have had vocal training, but I just enjoy singing for what it is. It entertains and soothes.

7) I’m also addicted to tea-My life is consumed with how much I enjoy food and eating. Tea is probably the best creation on the planet because it is the most comforting thing ever. It energizes when you need a pick me up and warms your insides when you need it. Iced tea, hot tea, loose leaf tea, I love it all! When I go to Ireland in June, I plan to bring back an insane amount of tea because I love it so much!

8) I’ve never traveled outside the country or on a plane- In a world where information can be exchanged instantly, traveling should be very easy. I wasn’t  able to travel much and it upsets me to this day. Escaping into the exotic lands in books, I’ve wanted to see the world. It’s tough being limited when your imagination wanders, but I’m willing to wait. In a few months, I will take my premiere trip on a plane to the magical place of Ireland. I’m like a kid in a candy store to travel to a place so beautiful and full of history.

Egyptian queen for a day. You can be anything with a little eye shadow

9) I love makeup-I may seem like a down-to-earth, low maintenance girl when you meet me, but I have a Barbie inside me. I love doing my makeup and making myself a different me. It may seem a little too girly for the men, but makeup gives me a chance to accentuate my best feature, my eyes.

10) Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are my sneaker of choice-Contrary to the fact above, I love converse shoes. Not because I’m some hipster who thinks they’re cool now, but because I love the 1980s. You can’t mention the 1980s without thinking about classic Converse on the feet of every girl and boy. I love the colors, the shape, and how fun they look. I have a neon green pair, purple, orange, black, etc. They make me feel like the punk rocker I am inside and I have loved them from the beginning of my life.

So, without waiting further these are my nominations for the Kreativ Blogger and Versatile Blogger awards:








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