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My Love/Hate Relationship with Moving

As I stated in a previous post, I was in the process of moving to Pittsburgh and it’s done! Well, I’m on Mcdonald, PA, but still only a half hour from downtown 🙂 It takes a special person to enjoy moving and most people hate it. I am a hybrid of the two. I love the new place I move to and the organizing and packing part. What I hate is the actual moving of all my crap and in this case the crap of two people into the new place.

I know that there are people you can pay to move your stuff from the old place to the new, but I wish I could pay them to move it all inside, unpack it for me, and arrange it in the order I tell them. That would be well worth the money because after a long day of running up and down steps and carrying heavy things (not even furniture) I’m beat.

I do want to express how cool this apartment building is, though. There is a key card you must swipe to get into the building BUT you can also call my phone (using a keypad outside of the door) and I press a number on my phone and I can unlock the door. So now if I’m expecting company or forget my key card I can simply call or have a guest call and unlock the door remotely. How cool is that? It’s not super new technology, but it is sooo convenient!

All in all, no matter how much work goes in to moving my stuff and unpacking it is worth it. I can now start a new chapter of my life in a new city with my lovely other half. He’s supportive of my craft and always there to help me with the computer problems that always seem to pop up. So, raise a glass (cherry coke for me) to a new year and a new opportunity to succeed.

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I’m Moving!

On a personal note, today’s post is a confirmation that I am moving from tiny little Johnstown, PA to the wonderful city of Pittsburgh! Yes Steel City is going to be my new home. I’ll be living only 30 minutes from Carlow University where I am getting my M.F.A. in fiction writing.

As excited as I am to move away from home and spread my wings, I must take this post to a serious place. The idea that a writer/artist should struggle and live in a dump until they get their big break is a constant picture in every creative mind. It is difficult to expect anything else from a society who thrives on a constant income to support a person/family.

Although I love to work and know the important of making money, I wish I had a magic money tree to clear my mind of earthly troubles. But that is a dream for another time. Now that I am moving to Pittsburgh and have rent/utilities to pay I have to suit up and get to work. It’s comforting to know that in the midst of inner conflict for all writers, we are versatile. We are quick to learn and adjust our lives to the next paying job and a new story idea.

In addition to an update on my life, this is a tribute to writers and artists everywhere. Our struggle isn’t just with trying to find the perfect word or the perfect note. It’s finding a place in the corporate world and still honing our craft to show the world what we have to offer. 

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