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Place is Everywhere, Captain Obvious!

As strange as it seems, place keeps coming back and slapping me in the face. “I’m everywhere,” it says. “Use me!” And so when I venture to the great Emerald Isle, I will embark on a writing journey completely focused…on place.

How can someone not write about this??

Located hundreds of miles from my tiny apartment is the brilliant city of Dublin where I will learn how the wonderful country of Ireland feels, smells, and sounds.  Place allows everything in a story to prosper if the writer lets it. Too often stories are set in a wonderful place, and the writer kills it before it can build a life of its own. It is in other stories that place becomes the center of the characters’ lives and without it the story falls a part. Ireland brings me an opportunity to experience the world as it was before cell phones, electricity, and even indoor plumbing.

It is the magic of the land that I hope to soak in and apply to my writing. A chance to breath in the history and the myth of the ancient world.  After starting the Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, the mystical elements of the land seem into my sub-conscious and beg of me to search for faeries and leprechauns on my trip. I have a goal to wander the wilderness of Ireland in search for the Otherworld, but perhaps that will have to come in my dreams or my writing. Regardless, a trip to this magical place has inspired an idea of epic proportion, which I hope will blossom on my journey to Dublin.

Instead of forests and streams, my trip will be full of the Dublin nightlife, which will hopefully still hold the magic of Ireland!

What magical place have you always dreamed of traveling to and writing about? Share your thoughts here!

Happy reading and writing!!



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Poetry Month Continued As Requested

Since I received a few encouraging words on my poetry yesterday, I decided to contribute a few more. This first one is a HUGE  emotional response. Like many poets, my poems thrive on heartbreak and forsaken love.

Power Over Me

My hands are tied

Bound to your will

Though I stand firm

For your hand I bow


My heart is chained

To a fence of despair

Ready and waiting

For you to release me


Like a caged animal

I sit here waiting

For my love

To be set free


In your shining eyes

I see the agony

My thoughtless action

Has befallen my beloved


All the worldly treasures

I would hand over

Just for you to

Be in my arms once more


The past fades away

As you take my hand

Reaching for a future


 The next poem takes a mythological spin with my take on Atlas’ myth.

Inspiration According to Atlas

How did Atlas find the strength

To hold the heavens on his back?

When I struggle every day

To carry the earth over me.


The weight crushes my spirit

And grinds my shoulders down.

My feet falter beneath me

As I push my will forward.


In a world where good deeds

Are repaid in friendly malice,

I fall under the pressure of

Judgment from my loved ones.


At the end of the day I find

I’ve made it through the pain,

But one memory still remains

I must do this again tomorrow

Happy reading and writing!


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