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Ode to Writing & Prompt Reminder

In honor of Valentine’s Day I’d like to post about three love-related announcements (and some delightfully adorable Deadpool-related photos because that movie blew my heart wide open).maxresdefault

97c1efd3d4e609e3e80ddea777290b261) Reminder that you can submit a story from the love/superhero themed prompts selected at the beginning of the month to me atAmyoung0606@gmail.com beginning 2/22, which will be published on this here humble blog. See HERE for this month’s prompts and HERE for my post about how I’m writing mine for this month.


2)I traveled all the way across the internet to one of my favorite author’s blogs in order to post what I love about writing. She was gracious enough to allow me onto her blog space in addition to putting up with my super fan antics as I continue to gush and fawn over her writing on a daily basis. Read my short post here!

3) I’ve written a poem. Not a good poem, but a poem nonetheless. This poem expresses my love of writing. Enjoy!

Ode to Writing

Every word I write, I love you more.

Every scratch of my pen, I know you more.

A plot device there, a metaphor there,

Brings me closer to who you are

Late nights with strained eyes—burned out creator,

I yearn for you to reveal your true nature.
I dream of life for you beyond these walls.

With friends, strangers, readers young and old.

You, dear creation, will be a book one day.

It is my love for you that paves the way.

images (2)

Happy Reading and writing!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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2016: New Words, New Goals, New Spots!

Greetings my little filet minions (see what I did there)!


Now that we are almost one month in to 2016 there is so much writing to do! And I am here to help push you (and myself hopefully) toward more words for the year. Not just more words in terms of quantity, but more words in quality as well.

Well, Spotted Writer….Mistress, how are you going to do that? We’re all over the world. You cannot possibly help ALL of us write more and write at the quality we want from behind your computer.

….Can you????

I can with prompts. I know, I know. I keep talking about them, but I’m convinced that if I show you their benefits, you will eventually come to love them like I do.

As a reminder I will be accepting submissions to be published on my blog for the January prompts. There’s no word count minimum or limit. It can be poetry, non-fiction, fiction, stream-of-consciousness monologue. Whatever you feel like writing. Listed below are the prompts given at the end of December. Feel free to simply use them for another time. I will be posting February’s prompt by the end of the week, so look out for the new story ideas I’ll be posting. Hint: there will be a theme for two very special events this February!

Here are the three selections for this month, which all come from Awesome Writing Prompts.

1.Use this line of dialogue somewhere in your story: “Well, at least I don’t have to worry about feeding and caring for a unicorn anymore.”

2.Use these three things in a story: nail polish, a VHS tape, a book of spells.

3.Write a story about snow that isn’t snow.

You can send your stories to Amyoung0606@gmail.com along with a short write-up about you as a writer.

Happy Reading and Writing!

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Poetry Month Continued As Requested

Since I received a few encouraging words on my poetry yesterday, I decided to contribute a few more. This first one is a HUGE  emotional response. Like many poets, my poems thrive on heartbreak and forsaken love.

Power Over Me

My hands are tied

Bound to your will

Though I stand firm

For your hand I bow


My heart is chained

To a fence of despair

Ready and waiting

For you to release me


Like a caged animal

I sit here waiting

For my love

To be set free


In your shining eyes

I see the agony

My thoughtless action

Has befallen my beloved


All the worldly treasures

I would hand over

Just for you to

Be in my arms once more


The past fades away

As you take my hand

Reaching for a future


 The next poem takes a mythological spin with my take on Atlas’ myth.

Inspiration According to Atlas

How did Atlas find the strength

To hold the heavens on his back?

When I struggle every day

To carry the earth over me.


The weight crushes my spirit

And grinds my shoulders down.

My feet falter beneath me

As I push my will forward.


In a world where good deeds

Are repaid in friendly malice,

I fall under the pressure of

Judgment from my loved ones.


At the end of the day I find

I’ve made it through the pain,

But one memory still remains

I must do this again tomorrow

Happy reading and writing!


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Poetry Month: Beware the Poems Within

Disclaimer: I was obsessed with poetry in middle and high school, but I soon found my lines/verses too long and switched to prose. I love these poems, but I don’t think I have the ability to write with few words and say a lot. Anyway, here are some of my favorite poems that I’d like to share with you.

This first poem is a response to Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave and the philosophical belief that the body ties down the mind from reaching the ultimate good=all truth and knowledge. It is a philosophical parable of Plato’s theory of forms. This is a simple summary of the story:

Socrates describes a cave where prisoners are kept chained and facing a wall with a fire behind them as the only light. Their entire world is understood by puppeteers creating shadows on the wall in front of them. They believe the “reality” in front of them without question and that is all they know. One prisoner escapes to find his entire perception of reality is incorrect. He sees what has been making the shadows on the wall, and  his eyes are opened by light of the fire. He attempts to convince the other prisoners of the true reality, and they do not believe him because it is much easier to continue what they have always believed. The escaped prisoner climbs out of the cave into the full illumination of the sun, and recognizes the true forms of people and things under the light of the sun. He once again descends to the cave to inform the prisoners of his discovery. He is laughed at for believing the ridiculous things the prisoners have yet to experience.  He is the sole conscious of goodness, who must lead the prisoners out of the dark cave of ignorance and into the light of truth.

And here is my poem:

Sitting alone with no
Room to breathe
My body suffocates
An urgent wish to be free

My mind hopes to find
Truth revealed in the light 
Of eternity, while darkness
Overcomes my world

Reaching my hand out
The light begins to fade
As others pass to another life
Returning with the knowledge I crave

Oblivious people watch
The world spin around them
Ignorant to the search
For liberation of the mind

In the quest for the answers
To life, death and beyond
The body is the mind’s carrier;
A disease-ridden prison

Only when our corpses rot
Can we know those precious secrets
That life has hidden in the shadows
Of the cave inside us all. 

This next poem is one of my favorites. I think it’s fun and cute:

A Man’s Work

A glance
A sigh
A fervent thought

She wants something
He wishes for more
Both waiting for something to happen

His thoughts drifting
She’s leaning closer
Neither sure of what’s to come

A flash
A gasp
And everything is out now

His hands are soaked and her hands are crossed
The pipe has burst and his pay is lost

Let me know your thoughts, but keep in mind these are old and haven’t been altered in a very long time. Also, I’m not a consistent poet, so I don’t practice often.


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