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Roadblocks in Writing: How to Overcome The Emotional Roller Coaster Called Life

For the last few weeks I have struggled, no, trudged through paragraphs of writing without any sense of direction. I have deleted and backspaced my way out of terribly constructed sentences, wishing for my muse to return to my side.

  What happens when Thalia has left you to find your own inspiration?

What do I have left to do? Find the reason for my lack of inspiration. In the writing world, there is a discrepancy with the existence of writer’s block. I would like to be a skeptic, but with recent events I cannot ignore what’s not going on in my brain. There are a million ways the world can affect my writing, some of the most intense events negatively impacting my work. In my current situation, personal emotions are blocking the progress of my novel, and there isn’t exactly a how to tutorial on curing writer’s block. So, what is a struggling graduate student to do when she has a goal of 1,000 words a week that she can’t meet?



The only clearly way to ensure I don’t lose the drive to finish my book is to just push through. Yes I could take a break until the inspiration returns, but waiting for the story to come to me is like waiting  for teleportation to be invented. I will probably die before it happens. Instead, I must press on, exploring other ways to get my mind off my troubles and back into the creative world where it belongs. Here are a few of my tips for getting out of your writer’s block when life is just throwing them faster than you can jump out of the way. If you have tips or advice for writers who are having trouble getting their story written, feel free to share it here.

1. Read a different genre than you’re writing. If you’re writing fiction, read some poetry to use a different part of your mind

2. Draw or paint something related to your story, it will help visualize and inspire you

3. Read, read, read. Reading your favorite author may be just the spark you need to get back into the game

4. Take a walk and clear your head. Sometimes a little break never  hurt the overall quality of your writing.

5. Focus on writing a different idea. You may have written yourself into a dead end with your current work, but something completely different can help re-route your thought process and give a fresh perspective.

6. Talk about your story with another writer/friend. They can discuss parts of the story you’re struggling with.


Any way you look at it, writing like all jobs, hobbies, passions has its emotional limitations. Don’t let that stop you from becoming the next Charles Dickens. Always look up and remember that the writer in you is waiting to build characters, paint pictures with words, and kill monstrous villains.

Happy reading/writing!


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Ever Had This Problem?

I’m going to be incredibly, brutally honest here. Blogging every day or multiple times a day is HARD! Almost as difficult as writing fiction or poetry, blogging keeps you constantly thinking of what to put for your next post. On top of that you have to keep in mind if other people will want to read it or if anyone besides you enjoy the subject of your blog in general.

So, I have found a little blogging humor. It eases my mind whenever I can’t think of something to write and for one time only gives me a subject to write a post on.


You think your life is bad when you can’t blog. Take a look at this guy:


Don't stress it. Really, don't stress it!

If you look like this each time you blog, maybe this isn’t the hobby for you. Sometimes, that fear of what to write is unavoidable. Writer’s block is probably the toughest thing in the world to get past because there are many factors that contribute to that creative block. Lack of privacy (thinking time), stress, work, emergencies, and sometimes just thinking too hard can make a writer stop working as well as before. Most times, a break is all that you need. Maybe take a nap, do some gardening, or work on something completely opposite. Then, the aha moment can appear in the most unlikely of places. There is no sure fire way to get rid of writer’s block, but there is a start for you. If you can’t think of what to write, don’t freak out. Because you freaking out over the little things may biologically be blocking your creative juices from reaching the grey matter in your head.

Relax. Drink a cup of tea. Read some of a good book and eventually the inspiration will come back to you, I promise.

I hope you had a good laugh at this blogger’s expense because sometimes you need a laugh to get through the hard times. Good luck blogging/writing!










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